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May 2009

Live Virtual Class Usage Growing

More and more IT professionals are choosing the Oracle University Live Virtual Class (LVC) training format to become experts in Oracle technologies. As a result of this growing customer demand, a greater selection of these classes is now available. In fact, there has been a fivefold increase in the number of events and students attending these online classes since June 2008. The volume of both internal and external students is expected to double by the end of this June. According to Barbara Assadi, Oracle University North America marketing manager, more than a thousand students around the world enrolled in a free one-hour sample Oracle University LVC that was conducted during the week of Oracle OpenWorld in September 2008. “We are seeing that our customers are looking for ways to spend less money, and taking an Oracle University LVC means that you don’t need to travel,” she explains.

Oracle University LVCs are online, real-time courses comparable to Oracle’s traditional in-class training—with the same cutting-edge curriculum, hands-on labs, and excellent instructors. The classes offer customer-friendly interactive tools, whiteboards, chat, and polling. One week before the start of their class, students can download electronic student guides called eKits, which contain all the course materials and provide a way to prepare questions, outline key points, and print important procedures in advance.

Because they don’t need to go to a traditional classroom, customers appreciate the greater flexibility these classes offer, the savings in time and money, and the resulting increase in productivity. “With an Oracle University Live Virtual Class, students have the choice of training at home, in the office, or at any other convenient location with an internet connection,” says John L. Hall, senior vice president of Oracle University. “They can also choose days and times that are right for them while using premium Oracle content and learning from our top instructors.”

Customer response has been positive. Oskar Elisson, an employee of StoneBeach AB in Sweden, reports, “Oracle University Live Virtual Class was a new and exciting way to learn. The course leader was situated in the U.S., and the participants were spread around the world.” Cheri Thomas, an employee of St. Vincent Health, took an Oracle Payroll LVC in November 2008. “This was my first online course,” she e-mailed. “I was a little apprehensive, but the experience was very good. The class was well organized, the instructor was great, and there were no technical issues.” Learn more at

PDF eKits Make Learning Easier

By June 1 students in Oracle University classrooms will receive eKits in PDF format rather than traditional printed course books. Learning will become more flexible and portable with eKits, innovative electronic student guides containing all course materials.

eKits offer a convenient way to study and learn, because they can be downloaded by students one week before a class begins. This makes it easy for students to prepare in advance by outlining key points and printing out important procedures and concepts. Because Oracle University uploads the same eKits to all classroom workstations, participants can cut and paste important commands to use during hands-on practice. When training is completed, students retain online access to download eKits for one month.

The replacement of printed student guides with eKits supports Oracle’s initiative to be more environmentally responsible. “Oracle will save nearly 100 million printed pages a year,” says John L. Hall, senior vice president of Oracle University. “The savings in travel and printed course books will be good for both our customers and the environment.”

eKits made their initial appearance in July 2008 for all courses in the new live virtual class format. With this online interactive training, eKits were designed to play a key role in blending traditional content with e-learning. Now all Oracle University students—in classrooms as well as on the internet—will benefit from the convenience and practicality of eKits. Learn more at

Transforming Infoglut!: A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Content Management

Organizations overwhelmed by managing digital data can gain critical business information with Transforming Infoglut!: A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Content Management. Written by Andy MacMillan, vice president of product management for Oracle content management solutions, the book details how to manage the current data overload and gain a competitive edge with an effective content management framework.


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