Applications for “The New Normal”

Oracle’s Applications Unlimited strategy is right for recovering economy.

May 2010

There are encouraging signs that the economy is rebounding, but many are still charting an uncertain course in the changing global economic landscape. Fortunately, Oracle has some smart strategies to help Applications Unlimited customers get on solid ground now and in the years to come—a message executives recently took on the road with the Oracle Applications Strategy Update Global Tour 2010.

“Many people are talking about ‘the new normal,’” says Folia Grace, vice president of applications marketing at Oracle. “We’re asking, what are the important business trends now? And how are customers using Oracle products to take advantage of those trends to create competitive advantage in their businesses?”

One of the most critical “new normal” business trends is the importance of forging lasting relationships with customers. In a world of informed customers who can access global suppliers with the click of a mouse, some Oracle clients are turning to Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty Manager to create campaigns that increase customer satisfaction while promoting repeat business.

As global competition increases, companies need to bring new, innovative products and services to market as quickly and costeffectively as possible. Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management applications are helping many Oracle customers accelerate product innovation and increase margins through advanced global product lifecycle management processes.

Also, many industries are facing greatly increased regulation and government oversight. Oracle’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions can help customers manage and reduce the cost of compliance with multiple regulatory requirements and do a better job of managing risk—all with a single enterprise GRC platform.

Despite these pressing needs, companies still have to contend with budgetary restrictions—and investing in new enterprise systems may not always be at the top of the list. But Grace says the rapid pace of global markets should make IT innovation a high priority for executives.

“In this business climate, nothing stands still. And, paradoxically, investing in new technologies can actually create savings and new revenue streams,” she says. “In order to remain competitive, companies need to keep up with technology advances.”

The timing for upgrading or expanding enterprise applications differs from sector to sector—and customer to customer. But the beauty of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited strategy—which includes new product releases for all lines of Oracle applications as well as a lifetime support policy—is that customers can make those decisions for themselves.

“We want to educate Applications Unlimited customers on what value they can get, and then it’s up to them to decide if now’s the right time to upgrade or expand their portfolio,” Grace says. “We are committed to delivering new business value for all our customers, so that when they are ready to move, we’ll be ready to help them.”

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