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An Update on Oracle’s Own Global Single Instance

Oracle recently upgraded its own global single instance (GSI) to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. At the same time, Oracle moved a number of its customer relationship management (CRM) functions to Oracle’s Siebel CRM and implemented a global corporate data warehouse built on Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, formerly Siebel Analytics. Bret Fuller, senior vice president of applications operations, gave Profit an update on Oracle’s success with integrating new technologies into the GSI model.

In 1999, Oracle announced plans to implement and use its own database and business applications to run its worldwide operations. As the company reaped benefits in efficiency and cost savings, the transformation served as a guide for and a fellowship with customers that were also wrestling with the effects of doing business globally and integrating acquisitions quickly and cost-effectively. Since 2004, Oracle has been running on Oracle E-Business Suite 11i in a GSI that consolidated 70 separate Oracle E-Business Suite 11i instances at a cost savings of between US$1 billion and US$2 billion dollars annually.

In January 2008, Oracle successfully executed a three-pronged upgrade to its GSI: moving from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to Oracle E-Business Suite 12, implementing Siebel CRM, and installing a global corporate data warehouse.

No Longer Single, but Certainly Global

Oracle’s upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12 was straightforward, with one notable exception: the GSI has been split into two instances. Although the company could have continued to run exclusively on Oracle E-Business Suite applications, it chose to take advantage of its flagship Siebel CRM product. Today, all the lead processing, partner management, opportunity management, sales forecasting, territory management, campaign management, and marketing are done with Oracle’s Siebel products. When an opportunity becomes a quote, a contract, or an order, it flows into Oracle E-Business Suite functional applications, where it joins the rest of Oracle’s global enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including the general ledger.


Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is used by the Siebel CRM system for reporting, and Oracle has leveraged the business intelligence implementation required by the CRM system to create a single, global platform for the corporate data warehouse and extended the data warehouse to include ERP data from Oracle E-Business Suite.

Although Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel CRM functionality were similar, Oracle chose to run the Siebel products. This decision drove global process standardization across the sales, marketing, and partner organizations, allowing Oracle to eliminate a number of systems that had been maintained despite the push toward process simplification and standardization.

Oracle’s internal implementation is the world’s largest implementation of Siebel CRM 8 to date. As well, Oracle’s internal implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.1 for Siebel CRM 8 content and the July 2008 implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.4 for Oracle E-Business Suite 12 ERP content will be the world’s largest implementations to date. In this way, Oracle is gaining valuable insights that allow it to truly understand its customers’ needs and partner with them as they move forward in their own business evolutions.

Results Count: Proving the Value

Oracle has been live on its new global systems since January 2008, using them to successfully run the business in the third and fourth quarters of FY08. The systems have been used to service every phase of the customer cycle, to carry out the work of the corporation, and to report the company’s quarterly results. According to Fuller, “ We learn so much when we use our own software to run our business. And when we share best practices and the lessons we’ve learned, our customers benefit with increased returns on their Oracle investments.”


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