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For example, the state has implemented Oracle Identity and Access Management, streamlining operations and making identity management both more efficient and more effective. Green-lighting this project was easy, says Narayanan. “Previously, each application had its own security, and users had to log on to systems multiple times. We quickly realized that integrating identity management into a central security framework also proved an innovative business process. It’s difficult to quantify, but it clearly makes things more efficient.”

Delaware officials also made the decision to implement a single, integrated ERP solution across all three government branches (executive, legislative, and judicial) and state agencies, as well as 19 school districts, 2 higher education institutions, and all 17 charter schools. “Oracle has served as a proven partner throughout this initiative,” says Oracle’s Ghuman. “Delaware’s use of an Oracle database in conjunction with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications allows the state to track and manage business processes across the board.” Similarly, Delaware is currently implementing PeopleSoft Financials to better track and manage financial information.

This broad base of common technology has proved a vital springboard for the state’s success in providing interactive and online services. The starting point is Delaware’s online portal, which provides a single interface to a range of government services and projects with a standard look and feel. But beyond that, the state is implementing common business processes and interfaces that allow systems to exchange critical information.

For example, Delaware’s One Stop Business Registration and Licensing System simplifies the process of registering and obtaining a business license. “In the past, the process was very linear and tedious,” says Hersey-Miller. “You had to go to multiple agencies, such as the Division of Revenue or the Department of Labor, wait for the paperwork to process, and wait for the license to come through the mail.” The DTI was able to integrate the pertinent processes from each agency and create an application that uses portions of each agency’s business process.

“Now, you don’t even have to know what agencies are involved—as far as citizens are concerned, it’s one process,” says Hersey-Miller. “You can get a license in under two hours.”

Looking Forward
The DTI has been able to embed the new organizational principles deeply enough that Hersey-Miller feels confident in the office’s ability to weather the inevitable changes brought on by the political process. The important thing is to keep an eye on the big picture, while at the same time pulling important lessons learned from each project. “It takes a little while—it’s a whole different mind-set and a whole different culture,” says Hersey-Miller. “But over the course of this transformation, we’ve arrived at a deeper realization of what the word ‘enterprise’ means—who is going to be affected by projects and how to communicate with them.” And by doing so, Delaware’s technology development and implementation system continues to deliver exceptional results.

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Carol Hidebrand is a freelance business and technology writer based in Wellesley, Massachusetts.


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