Smart Strategies for IT Investments

August 2009

In challenging times, the burden is on the CIO and CFO to demonstrate how IT investments in specific business projects can help drive short-term savings or make a long-term impact to the bottom line. Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein was faced with this challenge. He turned to the Oracle Insight team to develop a process to gain consensus from his stakeholders on top IT priorities. “The Oracle Insight team not only solved our immediate portfolio prioritization challenge but also put in place a sustainable process that will add a great deal of value to Oracle this year and for many years to come,” says Epstein.

Oracle Insight, a global team of business strategists, has helped customers in good economic situations as well as challenging times to align their IT strategy to their corporate strategy, prioritize competing initiatives, gain consensus from the executive team, and understand which projects will provide the biggest impact.

Rajesh Uppal, chief general manager of IT at Indian car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki, has leveraged Oracle Insight to find out about new technologies. “We recognized that linking our overall business strategy and goals to technology requirements is the first step in arriving at an overall conceptual framework of our enterprise architecture. Interaction with Harry Ghuman and his team has helped us arrive at a clear definition of enterprise architecture to support our business in the next three to five years,” says Uppal.

Oracle Insight also helps midsize companies such as the Room Place, a furniture company based in Chicago, Illinois. “The key thing we found helpful is that the Oracle Insight team, as well as being business strategy consultants, are very comfortable looking at the choices that a company has to make when it takes on a major software investment,” says Geoff Maxwell, chief operating officer of the Room Place. “The market was beginning to turn,” he continues, “and our investors were beginning to see that this was going to be a very difficult economic environment. The Oracle Insight team highlighted what the benefits would be of putting in the system now. And in fact, they made a very clear case why a delay would be expensive, and how we would miss a substantial opportunity to build and protect the business exactly when we most needed it.”

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