News Briefs

August 2010

Oracle Transportation Management 6.1 Monitors Green Metrics
For any company involved with shipping physical products, transportation costs can be one of the biggest budget variables—and a significant drain on operating margins. This reality has been further complicated by the growing emphasis on sustainability and mitigating the economic and environmental impact of the energy consumed and emissions generated.

Oracle Transportation Management 6.1, introduced in January 2010, features an innovative “Green Dashboard” to help companies easily and efficiently measure and monitor important green metrics.

The dashboard uses formulas developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program to easily measure carbon dioxide emissions, oxides of nitrogen emissions, particulate matter emissions, and total fuel consumption.

“Anything a company does to improve the efficiency of transportation has a cost benefit and an environmental benefit,” says Derek Gittoes, vice president of logistics product strategy at Oracle. “The Green Dashboard is a way of helping to measure and quantify what actual benefits we’re delivering—not just cost-saving benefits that we’ve been able to measure for some time, but now also critical environmental benefits.”

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Siebel CRM on the iPad
Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is always focused on making users more productive, and now there are even more options to meet the needs of CRM users with Siebel CRM’s support for the Apple iPad. By using Siebel’s REST API and the open development platform for Apple’s iPhone software development kit, Siebel CRM customers can quickly design and deploy their own CRM applications for the iPad.

Furthermore, iPhone OS 4.0 brings functionality targeted to the enterprise, such as remote device management and centrally managed over-the-air application deployments, making the solution using the combination of Oracle’s and Apple’s two technologies even more compelling.

Improving the user experience is another key benefit with Siebel CRM support for the iPad. The iPad’s intuitive interface will make Siebel CRM easier to use, and this will ultimately help make sales personnel more productive when communicating with customers. CRM clients on the iPad can be useful in a variety of situations, such as out in the field, within the storefront, and even in the corporate offices.

According to Masayuki Karahashi, vice president of development at Oracle, users can use the iPad to easily access powerful Siebel CRM data in real time. “With intuitive clients running on platforms like an iPad, users can get up and running on Siebel CRM very quickly. It’s easy and mobile. Our customers can focus the end-user training on benefits of CRM instead of how to use CRM.”

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Ndevr and Oracle Applications Help Simplify Environmental Reporting
Going green: for most companies, it is an appealing way to attract customers and help protect the environment. To enable organizations to incorporate environmental metrics and data within an existing enterprise resource planning framework, Oracle partner Ndevr has developed software featuring greenhouse gas (GHG) data management and reporting capabilities for use within Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial applications.

Ndevr’s GHG Accounting Software abides by international mandatory and voluntary environmental reporting schemes, including the GHG Protocol and Australia’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation. It is preintegrated to automatically manage data capture, data transformation into CO2e and energy equivalents, data analysis, and presentation; to help organizations easily assess their current carbon footprint; comply with internal and external reporting standards; and set targets for improving energy efficiency.

“Because the GHG Accounting Software is incorporated in the software that users use on a daily basis, the amount of work involved in capturing environmental data is minimal,” says Ndevr CEO Maureen Clifford. “The software is easy to use, and it requires hardly any additional work.”

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