Keeping JD Edwards Green

Ndevr’s emissions accounting a good fit for oracle, sustainability.

August 2010

Business leaders intent on reducing the impact of their business on the environment often find it challenging to manage environmental reporting requirements. To help organizations more easily incorporate environmental metrics and data within an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) framework, Oracle Platinum Partner Ndevr developed fully integrated modules that enable comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) management and reporting from within Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial applications.

Ndevr’s GHG accounting software was originally developed to meet the environmental data management requirements outlined by the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard guidelines— the framework used by many mandatory and voluntary environmental reporting schemes around the world. The software has been further enhanced to meet the stricter reporting requirements of Australia’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) legislation, and is compliant with almost every international mandatory and voluntary environmental reporting scheme.

GHG accounting software is preintegrated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to automatically manage data capture, transformation, analysis, and presentation capabilities. This helps managers assess their current carbon footprint, comply with internal and external reporting standards, set targets for improving energy efficiency, and reduce their company’s CO2e footprint. The software is also available as a preintegrated module for Oracle E-Business Suite.

“Because the GHG accounting software is incorporated in the software that users encounter on a daily basis, the amount of work involved in capturing environmental data is minimal,” says Maureen Clifford, CEO at Ndevr. “The software is easy to use, and it requires hardly any additional work.”

Many industries with energy-intensive operations see a need for GHG monitoring, including mining, construction, engineering, property management, real estate, facilities management, transportation, and logistics. The GHG accounting software can monitor CO2 emissions data, along with energy consumption, water use, waste water, and energy production.

“The main benefit of the software is that it’s designed not to be pulled out just once a year. Users can view data based on multiple operational hierarchies so that users can view environmental information in a variety of ways, such as by facility, company, or division,” says Clifford. “And the data can be viewed as it is happening. Companies can even set targets and see in real time whether they’re reaching those targets.”

Before implementing Ndevr’s GHG accounting software, Abigroup Ltd.—a large engineering and construction firm based in Australia—used to capture and measure emissions using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. “The data was recorded by each individual project site and was often unreliable and inaccurate,” says Sarah Marshall, national sustainability manager at Abigroup. “Environment managers on the projects would then have to record the data separately for the reports, a complete duplication of their collective efforts. There were also no mechanisms in place to enable project managers to monitor emissions regularly, or react quickly if consumption in a particular area surged.”

Alison Woodward, group manager of information systems at Abigroup, adds, “There is nothing else in the market that matches the functionality of the Ndevr Greenhouse Emissions Reporting solution, or that is integrated into JD Edwards.”

Ndevr recently released version 5.3 of its GHG accounting software and is constantly planning and developing improvements that go beyond standard reporting requirements and really help companies manage and reduce their emissions. For example, Ndevr is currently working on a feature to help companies analyze and manage their use of blended fuels.

Ndevr’s Clifford will be presenting with Oracle’s Rich Kroes, sustainability product strategy director, at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 in the conference session, “Sustainability: Emerging Trends, Oracle Product Strategy, What’s New and Planned” and will also be available to discuss and demonstrate the product at booth 132, located near the Oracle DEMOgrounds.

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