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November 2009

Oracle Announces Oracle VM Template for Siebel CRM 8.1.1
Oracle has announced “virtualized Siebel,” the Oracle VM Template for Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 8.1.1. This solution, available to Oracle customers using Linux, saves time and lowers hardware and energy costs by using enterprise-class server virtualization.

The new Oracle VM Template for Siebel CRM features the software components required to bring up a preconfigured Siebel CRM environment. Prior to the introduction of this template, a Siebel CRM instance could take up to three weeks to install, set up, and debug. With the new virtualized Siebel, organizations can have a fully installed software environment for Siebel CRM up and running within hours by copying the Oracle VM Template for Siebel CRM to the server where Oracle VM resides. Putting this template to work in an existing Siebel environment allows IT staff to add Siebel application modules or application servers and Web servers in a matter of minutes.

Oracle VM Template for Siebel CRM is the new addition to a growing list of templates—including templates for PeopleSoft human resources management and Oracle Fusion Middleware—that offer scalable, low-cost server virtualization backed by Oracle’s world-class support. Server virtualization allows a single physical server to house multiple operating and application environments. Previously, to install a Siebel CRM environment, businesses would need multiple machines to host an Oracle database, the Siebel application servers, and the Web server. With server virtualization, a single machine performs this work, reducing costs related to buying, powering, configuring, storing, and managing the machines. It also reduces the carbon footprint of physical servers. And, if one component of the system goes down, a new component can be brought up within minutes.

“Customers now have an easier, faster way to deploy Siebel CRM 8.1.1,” says Christine Viera, vice president, CRM product development at Oracle. “This virtual deployment package delivers a 'quick start’ of Siebel CRM with Oracle Database on Linux. With virtualized Siebel CRM, customers can benefit in terms of faster time to deploy and lower implementation costs.”

For more information on virtualized Siebel CRM and to download the free template.

The Cat’s Tale
The Oracle Education Foundation is promoting a novel and fun way to increase literacy among K-8 students by partnering with the Professor Garfield Foundation on a digital storytelling initiative. Participating students will create digital comic books, using the foundation’s ThinkQuest platform to connect with peers online and share ideas.

The Professor Garfield Foundation was founded by Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis and Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, to create digital education and entertainment to promote children’s literacy. According to Davis, “The partnership between the Oracle Education Foundation and the Professor Garfield Foundation will allow children to collaborate on a global stage in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Children will be able to create a graphic novel that combines a variety of multimedia assets, such as imagery, text, audio, video, and animation. This will take storytelling to a whole new level.”

The ThinkQuest online learning platform enables teachers to integrate learning projects into their classroom curricula. With the latest storytelling initiative, students have the opportunity to enter their work in the Oracle Education Foundation’s ThinkQuest Narrative Competition. Students from around the world publish ideas on global topics, and winners get their work included in the ThinkQuest Library, the world’s largest online repository of student-developed learning projects. Clare Dolan, vice president, Oracle Corporate Citizenship, says, “The Oracle Education Foundation is proud to partner with the Professor Garfield Foundation. By providing students with access to ThinkQuest, we give them space to share ideas and unleash their creativity.” Learn more about the Professor Garfield Foundation at Learn more about the Oracle Education Foundation at

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