Prevailing Standards and Open Source Initiatives

by David Baum, November 2009

Oracle participates in several associations focused on grid technology, including the Open Grid Forum (OGF), which represents more than 400 organizations. Don Deutsch, vice president for standards, strategy, and architecture at Oracle, believes that Oracle’s participation in the OGF—as with other standards bodies such as the W3C, OASIS, SNIA, and DMTF—is critical to its strategy to build products on a foundation of industry standards.

Oracle is also a major contributor to key open source initiatives, including

  • Eclipse. Oracle is a major part of the Eclipse Foundation, contributing developers and leadership to three Eclipse projects: Dali JPA Tools, JavaServer Faces, and BPEL.

  • InnoDB. Created by Oracle subsidiary Innobase OY, InnoDB is the leading transactional storage engine for the popular MySQL open source database.

  • Linux. Oracle’s contributions to Linux enhance and extend enterprise-class capabilities, and Oracle Unbreakable Linux delivers enterprise-quality support for Linux at a lower cost.

  • Open source tooling projects. Oracle contributes to several open source tooling projects, including Project Trinidad, Eclipse, and Spring.

  • Oracle Berkeley DB. A family of open source, embeddable databases, Oracle Berkeley DB allows developers to incorporate within their applications an industrial-grade, fast, scalable, transactional database engine. It is the most widely used open source database, with more than 200 million deployments.

  • PHP. Oracle is committed to enabling open source scripting language PHP for the enterprise with Zend Core for Oracle.

  • Xen. Oracle contributes to feature development of Xen mainline software, is a member of the Xen Advisory Board, and hosted Xen Summit 2009.

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