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November 2008

Oracle Buys Global Knowledge Software

Oracle has agreed to acquire Global Knowledge Software LLC (GKS), a division of Global Knowledge, Inc. GKS is a leading provider of self-service training automation software. Its products improve end-user competency using enterprise applications through simulated transactional training and testing, as well as autogenerated step-by-step instructions. The company is a longtime Oracle partner. GKS’s Personal Navigator product is resold as a core component of Oracle’s user productivity kit offerings, currently deployed at more than 2,000 Oracle customer sites. GKS products are complementary to Oracle Tutor, Oracle’s role-based process documentation and training software. The combination of GKS products, Oracle Tutor, and Oracle’s learning management software, Oracle iLearning and Oracle eLearning, is expected to provide customers a comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise solution for creating and deploying business process documentation, interactive system training, and just-in-time embedded support for all applications. Oracle intends to form a global sales unit to expand the focus on non-Oracle applications utilizing GKS products, extending Oracle’s software training offering across the enterprise. The transaction is expected to close in the third calendar quarter of 2008. Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently.


Oracle Health Sciences—the Most Comprehensive Suite of Applications for Clinical Development

Oracle has announced the formation of a new global business unit focused on software applications for the health sciences industry, helping organizations discover, develop, and successfully market innovative products and services to prevent and cure disease, enhance quality of life, and meet their shareholder and stakeholder expectations.

Oracle today offers the sector’s most comprehensive suite of software applications for clinical development, which can be deployed individually or together. Oracle Health Sciences includes Oracle Clinical, Oracle Remote Data Capture, Oracle Thesaurus Management System, Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System, Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub, and Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System.

Oracle’s application platform for health sciences helps companies bring together all the critical aspects of the clinical development, safety, and pharmacovigilance processes into a single, open platform built on state-of-the-art technology and provides a streamlined system for managing large volumes of patient data collected during clinical trials. The applications offer features for modeling any kind of clinical study, automatically storing components for reuse in a flexible global library. Oracle also offers Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base, which helps healthcare companies simultaneously improve patient care and control costs by providing a foundation for interoperability and integration of existing and new systems.

Oracle Introduces AutoVue Mobile

Oracle’s new AutoVue Mobile extends the reach of technical information and business processes to disconnected users within and outside an organization, dramatically improving how enterprise users interact with information and one another. AutoVue Mobile helps customers solve document interoperability and security challenges to increase user visibility of technical data and drive innovation through more-efficient supply chain collaboration.

Through the creation of mobile packs, a feature within AutoVue Mobile, team members can securely share design and product information with supply chain partners. Partners have access to key information, as well as the entire history of comments, changes, and decisions related to the documents, and can easily add their comments and markups to the mobile pack before returning it to the sender. With AutoVue Mobile, partners can be integrated into business processes and workflows to drive innovation, improve market responsiveness, and accelerate time to market.

AutoVue Mobile allows companies to securely collaborate with outsourced partners on sensitive documents without risking intellectual property. Automatic file encryption and a robust set of security features protect mobile packs from unauthorized actions. Attaching AutoVue streaming files to mobile packs instead of native files provides recipients with access to the full intelligence of technical documents without actually releasing CAD files outside the company.

With AutoVue Mobile, remote users can take their work on the road. Users can work on crucial documents in a disconnected fashion, with the background information that they need to make sound business decisions. AutoVue Mobile is also ideal for helping maintenance workers and field service employees expedite maintenance operations and resolution by allowing complete access to key information, even when working offline.

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