Oracle Announces Storage Strategy

November 2011

Speaking to customers, partners, and industry influencers at the Oracle Storage Strategy Update event on June 29, 2011, Oracle executives laid out a storage vision and provided details on the company’s newly expanded product portfolio. With “Oracle Software Runs Faster and More Efficiently on Oracle Storage” as the theme of the day, the presenters provided insights into Oracle’s storage engineering efforts and elaborated on the agreement to acquire Pillar Data Systems, a leading provider of innovative and highly scalable storage area network (SAN) block I/O storage systems.

“Macroeconomic factors are driving massive growth in storage,” said Oracle President Mark Hurd. “We now have the capabilities to make that change in the Oracle environment that leads to the ability to deliver up to 10 times faster performance with only one-tenth the storage capacity. These are the economics that can drive a sea change.”

John Fowler, executive vice president of systems at Oracle, said that Oracle’s storage products are based on open technologies that can be integrated into an existing network.

But underneath it all, the company is executing on core technology development—whether it’s high-speed network interfaces, database query optimizations, or integration and management interfaces. “When you add these together, you get the excellent performance that Mark talked about,” Fowler added.

That kind of development is possible because Oracle’s engineers understand how the database is laid out and can implement advanced features like database columnar compression with Oracle storage devices. Oracle has already done this with some products, and the effort results in tremendous compression ratios for existing databases.

Hurd and Fowler argued that competing conventional storage systems cannot match the performance and efficiency of Oracle storage supporting Oracle software because other vendors don’t understand the underlying data they are storing.

Oracle’s storage product portfolio enables enterprise data centers to address all of their most-critical storage requirements and includes the Oracle Exadata Storage Server for database I/O; Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance for network-attached storage file I/O; StorageTek tape for archive and data protection; and SAN block I/O, which now includes Pillar’s Axiom products in addition to existing Sun Storage 6000 arrays. Integrated automatic provisioning and quality-of-service-based management provide storage performance on demand and streamline end-to-end data movement and protection.

“These same innovative Oracle storage products are designed to be best-of-breed and hot-pluggable into existing mixed storage environments,” Fowler said. “This gives customers the best of both worlds—extreme performance for Oracle environments and the rest of the data-center, too.”