Oracle Recognizes 2010 Retail Excellence Award Winners

by Aaron Lazenby, February 2011

The Oracle Retail Excellence Awards recognize Oracle customers’ use of technology to adopt innovative best practices, streamline operations, and drive stellar business results. The 2010 awards recognized customers in four categories, including CIO of the Year, Redesigning Customer Experience, Reinvigorating Operational Excellence, and Reimagining Growth.

The CIO of the Year Award recognized an IT leader who exhibited equal parts integrity, vision, business savvy, and technology expertise to keep the retail marketplace on the cutting edge. Jon Kubo, senior vice president of e-commerce and CIO of the Wet Seal, Inc., received the honor for his leadership in helping the company’s Wet Seal and Arden B brands form new connections with customers through social media and improving the customer experience and store performance using new technology solutions.

The Redesigning the Customer Experience Award focused on customers’ use of Oracle Retail solutions to anticipate the needs of consumers and improve customer experiences. Nordstrom was selected as the winner for achievements using planning, merchandising, and inventory solutions to help cater to customer preferences in each store.

The Reinvigorating Operational Excellence Award focused on creative uses of Oracle Retail technology that resulted in a significant, positive evolution of the business. The Container Store received the award for implementing Oracle Retail Macro Space Management to improve the way stores display merchandise and promote products.

The Reimagining Growth Award acknowledged customers that took a holistic approach to managing organizational changes and implemented the industry best practices of two or more Oracle Retail solutions. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board received the award for using Oracle Retail solutions to improve inventory turns, increase multichannel revenues, improve product availability, and reduce costs associated with retail operations.

The 2010 Retail Excellence Awards selection committee was composed of industry leaders and retail experts including Darrin Ahrens of Accenture, Dale Achabal of Santa Clara University, Mike Davies of Wipro Retail, Leslie Hand of IDC Retail Insights, Dave Hogan of the National Retail Federation, Glyn Kirby of OLR, John Rooney of Deloitte, and Paula Rosenblum of Retail Systems Research.

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Aaron Lazenby is editor in chief of Profit.