Special Report: Security

July 2013

According to a recent survey by IDG Research, 40 percent of respondents felt a fragmented reactive approach to security left them more vulnerable. More than 35 percent felt that their organization was reactive to sensational news about security threats.

How can executives learn to to concentrate on what matters most?

On July 18, join Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson and other security experts to learn how an inside-out security approach enables executives to protect their most valuable assets, improve security governance and more.

Here, find out how to register for the Securing Your Business Inside Out webcast, plus hear what other thought leaders have to say about protecting the enterprise as it evolves to keep up with technology trends such as big data, social media and more.

Q&A: Oracle CSO Mary Ann Davidson on Meeting Tomorrow's Security Threats
“Start with understanding what assets are most sensitive and strategic...,” says Davidson. “Nobody has enough time, money, and security-awareness to secure everything, so you have to first determine which assets matter most.”

Strategic Access
A process-based approach to IT helps Datacard Group deliver solutions across the lines of business.

Top Five Security Considerations to Look for in a Cloud Provider
Security continues to be a top barrier to cloud adoption, recent surveys confirm. To help get a holistic view of security, organizations need to ask the following five key questions.

Interview With Leading Privacy Expert Dr. Ann Cavoukian
“The future of privacy can no longer be assured solely by compliance with regulatory frameworks; rather, privacy assurance must ideally become an organization's default mode of operation,” says Ontario Commissioner Cavoukian.

Five Ideas: Security
Here, find out about security trends every business leader need to know about.

Trends in Security: Mitigating the Risks of the Data Explosion
Mistakes are costly for any business. And with the advent of datafication, where single systems are carrying more and more responsibility for the business, they're becoming even costlier.

Trends in Disaster Recovery: Is Your Organization Prepared?
“Five major trends are changing the delivery of disaster recovery, and will impact organizations worldwide in the coming years,” says Velocity Technology Solutions Vice President Richard Dolewksi. Find out what they are.


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