Special Report: Social Business

April 2013

Social is now a necessary business practice – but it also continues to rapidly change.  In March, Oracle unveiled the industry's first unified, end-to-end social management solution for the enterprise. Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) helps company leaders keep up with social's constant evolution by integrating the full spectrum of their social activities and analysis in a single platform. Here, learn more about this release, plus get more expert advice for keeping up with social business without burning out.

Press Release: Oracle Provides Industry’s First One-stop Platform for Monitoring and Managing Improved Social Interactions and Experiences
Oracle SRM unifies—Social Marketing and Social Engagement & Monitoring—delivering a complete, integrated and enterprise-ready social business solution. The integrated products help create a seamless transition between listening and content creation, to moderation and analysis of a company's social media efforts.

Effective Social Media Strategies
As companies focus on effectively leveraging social media platforms, there are a few critical things to keep in mind. Here are the four strategies that have achieved superior results, from Madhur Chaturvedi, director of Insight and Customer Strategy at Oracle.

Impacting the Bottom Line with Social Integration
In today's much-hyped world of social media marketing, integrated social capability can make a direct and positive impact on the business.

Blog: Social Media Flashback
Profit's Editor in Chief Aaron Lazenby says the lessons he learned about social business in 1997 still apply today.

If Social Business Is Always Changing, Can You Keep Up?

“Social media used to be the priority of marketing, public relations, or communications, but really now it’s becoming so inherent in everything we do,” says Shama Kabani’s The Zen of Social Media Marketing.

NBC Sports Group Goes for Gold
“I think one thing is clear: people will choose how to view programs in their own way,” says John Miller, chief marketing officer of NBC Sports Group. “And they would like to have the choice to watch in as many places as they can, and they want streaming to be as easy to access as possible.”

Positioning The Enterprise For The Big Social Win
Businesses today have an unprecedented opportunity to gather and leverage holistic big data, including that gleaned from the vast, fast-moving social web. But are businesses adequately positioning to seize on that kind of customer experience advantage?

Is Your CMO Creating Hero Content?
Advice from social marketing expert Michael Brito: “Social gives business leaders at large brands a chance to be human and build trust. At which point, these leaders need to decide: Now that we have the trust of the community, how do we insert our marketing messages in a way that's not intrusive?”

Oracle at South By Southwest
In March, Oracle sponsored SXSW, an annual conference combining music, art, technology and more. Missed out? Watch these behind the scenes videos to catch up with thought leaders we talked to at the recent conference in Austin, Texas.