Special Report: Workforce Management

February 2013

What are the key workforce trends for 2013? Register for an online forum to hear Oracle and industry experts share their insights about trends in human capital management (HCM). Plus: Profit contributors comment on workforce demographics, strategies for dealing with skills gaps in your organization, and the how enterprise technology is meeting today's tough talent management challenges.

Focused on Results
“What we need to move to is a model of measurable results. Managers need to stop managing people and start managing work better,” says Jody Thompson, author of Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It. “Let people manage themselves.”

Oracle “Onshores” Manufacturing Jobs To Oregon
“By moving production of our industry-leading systems and servers from Mexico to Oracle's Hillsboro facility we'll be able to meet customer demand while bringing new technology jobs to the state of Oregon,” says Oracle vice president Luke Kowalski.

At Your Service
Savvy leaders at professional services organizations recognize that contract employees need to be intelligently managed to meet strategic productivity objectives. And increasingly, efficient use of technology is seen as an option to support contingent labor productivity—while yielding a positive impact on the bottom. Learn how managers at Oracle Consulting are using PeopleSoft solutions to get the most out of their contractors.

What Millennials Should Understand About Work
“Passion is not something that you follow, passion is something that follows you as you become really good at things rare and valuable and use those skills as leverage to take control of your career,” says Dr. Cal Newport, author of So Good They Can't Ignore You.

Trends in Tech Careers: How to Stay Competitive and Ahead of the Crowd
The transformation of our economy has created tremendous shifts that can be confusing. The way to maneuver your professional career is to understand the direction in which these micro-trends point and take steps to move forward.

Mind the Gap
HR executives who make an active partnership with IT will not only aid employees on both sides of the generation gap, but will also serve the best interest of the business.

Enterprise Systems Help Employers Cope With the Global Skills Shortage
In this constrained hiring environment, managers will need to come up with smart solutions to keep their organizations operating at full capacity. IT will play a critical role, with enterprise-class talent management software providing insight into the skills, training, and career aspirations of a large and widely dispersed group of employees.

Spring Training: How Jackson Hewitt Gets Seasonal Workers in Shape
Since implementing Oracle RightNow solutions, Jackson Hewitt has seen a dramatic improvement. Here Tim Bechtold, who has 25 years of experience in contact center management, talks to Profit about Oracle RightNow solutions that helped Jackson Hewitt increase productivity, lower costs, keep customers happy, and win silver in the 2011 Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards.

Five Ideas: Human Resources
Human Resources is certainly an important topic in today's marketplace: managers are facing some tough challenges, from keeping up with current IT to finding—and retaining—top talent to fill key positions. Here, get smart advice for keeping your team on track, plus, learn about Oracle's latest solutions for Human Resources.