February 2011

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Captains of Industry

by Tara Swords, February 2011

A dramatic decrease in demand in 2009 spurred Hong Kong–based global container shipping and logistics company Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (OOCL) to look for new ways enterprise technology could deliver a competitive advantage. Learn how Java and Oracle SOA technologies helped transform OOCL’s enterprise applications infrastructure.

Profit Primavera 2011

Profit Special Edition: Primavera

Additional Content

Primavera Special Edition

  • Building on Success, by Carol Hildebrand
    Hill International takes Primavera-based project management to new heights.
  • Project Green, by Carol Hildebrand
    Shawn Pressley, vice president of project management systems and development at Hill International, talked to Profit about how going green affects project management.
  • Project: Management, by Aaron Lazenby
    Executives in many industries are looking to project management practices to deliver value to their organizations.
  • Critical Path, by Kristy Tan Neckowitz
    Longtime Primavera executive and Oracle vice president says engaged users are essential to building a strong global community.
  • Project Management Culture, by Alison Weiss
    Primavera Australia makes project management a part of “the Leighton Way.” Plus, Milestone Project Management Solutions helps the Costain Group get a clearer view of project uncertainties.
  • Risky Business, by Alison Weiss
    Managers have to do their best to anticipate business disruptions —and plan for unforeseen events.
  • Spring Forward, by Aaron Lazenby
    Primavera cofounder Dick Faris recounts the early innovations of the project management software—and sees continued growth with Oracle.
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