The Present Future of Yesterday

by Aaron Lazenby, May 2010

What a difference three months makes.

The last time I wrote this column I was ready, but still waiting, for Oracle’s acquisition of Sun to officially close. I wrote: “How that all plays out remains to be seen, but there are sure to be new stories to tell along the way.” Well, the deal closed on January 26, 2010, and it’s now time to see how this all plays out and tell some new stories. The combination of Oracle and Sun alters the course of the technology industry—and it alters the course of Profit as well.

Already in this issue, you’ll see information about Oracle’s new hardware business—most notably, an interview with John Fowler, former Sun executive and now executive vice president of systems at Oracle. And more Sun-related changes are coming in the August issue: studies of successful joint Oracle and Sun customers, the voices of Oracle’s new hardware thought leaders, and ongoing reports on how a complete stack of prebuilt enterprise software and hardware will make IT better and easier for our customers.

But the main story I’ll be telling in Profit is the same one Larry Ellison announced at the combined companies launch in January: “Software. Hardware. Complete.” Visit for more background on that.

But not all the changes in this issue of Profit are about the combination of Oracle and Sun. This issue also includes a new feature called Leading Strategies, a conversation with top IT executives about how they’ve achieved success and what they see on the horizon for enterprise computing. I’m proud to kick off the conversation with an interview with Michael Jones, CIO of the National Marrow Donor Program—an organization that has used technology to save thousands of lives around the world.

I’d also like to announce the launch of my blog, Profit: Spare Change. My tinkering with all our great stories about Oracle customers and partners every issue generates a lot of extra content that won’t fit in the magazine but is perfect for a blog. Check it out at to see my COLLABORATE 10 session recommendations, coverage of my visit to the Oracle CFO Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, and other editorial adventures that are sure to inform and entertain. New blog entries will also be posted to @OracleProfit on Twitter.

Until August,


Aaron Lazenby
Editor in chief, Profit
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