The 12 Questions

by Anne Ozzimo, August 2010

1. How many of our processes are self-service, and what’s the plan to expand self-service?

2. How much custom code do we have in our applications, and how can we reduce it?

3. How centralized is our identity and access management, and what is our plan to improve?

4. What is our server utilization, and how can we improve?

5. What is the history of our storage volume growth and cost per gigabyte, and what is our plan to use modern storage optimization technology?

6. How can we improve our IT project prioritization process and hold managers accountable for benefits?

7. How can we enable real-time visibility into our supply chain?

8. What is our plan to centralize data into a global data warehouse, and what’s the plan to deliver actionable information to users?

9. What is our data center cost of power, and what is our plan to improve?

10. How many data centers do we have, and what is our plan to have fewer?

11. How many instances of our applications do we have, and what is our plan to move to a single instance for each application?

12. What percent of our total IT spend is labor, compared to hardware and software, and is this optimal?

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