Growing Enterprise

by Aaron Lazenby, August 2011

This time last year, we decided to create semiregular special issues of Profit focused specifically on individual Oracle application product lines. The premise was that with the increasing breadth of Oracle’s product offerings, it’s hard to devote enough pages in the regular issue of Profit to address the interests of all our readers.

We selected Oracle’s JD Edwards as the first special subject because I believed (and this was confirmed by JD Edwards executives at Oracle) that the application’s loyal community of users would appreciate the attention—and that the product they used occupied a special, almost niche area in the Oracle portfolio reserved mostly for certain market segments or industries.

If that was ever true (and I’m not above admitting that it was a figment of my own ignorance), it doesn’t sync with what I’ve learned in the process of editing this special issue. The companies that use Oracle’s JD Edwards products come in all shapes and sizes, serving customers across town and all over the world. The solutions they use are deeply integrated with Oracle’s overall enterprise systems strategy, and must evolve in parallel with new technologies and new ways of doing business.

Compare, for example, the cover story about JD Edwards customer United Streetcar and the partner spotlight on QubicaAMF. The former is using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software to focus on domestic manufacturing—the system must be able to source materials from and report information about U.S.-based suppliers to meet “Buy America” requirements. The latter is using JD Edwards World to synchronize parts built in factories all over the globe to deliver a seamless experience for the customer.

And in my interview with Lyle Ekdahl, group vice president and general manager of Oracle’s JD Edwards product family, Ekdahl mentions how his team is working on mobile apps to extend JD Edwards functionality beyond the data center out to the point of interaction. He also talks about how JD Edwards software and Oracle Fusion Applications are growing closer together, and how Oracle’s hardware business will bring new performance benefits to users.

With all this activity, it’s easy to see why the JD Edwards user community is excited about the software they use and support. And with all the amazing growth within the JD Edwards team at Oracle, I’m looking forward to the stories we’ll tell next year.

Aaron Lazenby
Editor in chief, Profit