Building a Hybrid Cloud

Irfan Saif, principal and leader of the postdigital enterprise initiative at Deloitte & Touche.

“Adopting cloud computing is not about delegating responsibilities to a cloud provider. Rather, it is about incorporating these platforms, and their potential benefits, into a broad strategy.”

5 Decision Criteria




Everything You Know About Sales Is Wrong

To Sell Is Human author Daniel Pink

“Whether we're selling an idea, a product, or ourselves, we need a high degree of openness, honesty, and transparency.”


The Keys to Successful Modern Marketing

Steven Woods, vice president of software development at Oracle Eloqua

“Buyers have vastly more information at their fingertips, and are in control of the pace and content of the buying cycle. Marketers must evolve with buyers to be effective.”



Seven Steps to Successful Social Customer Interactions

Christopher J. Sowa, vice president of Oracle Insight and co-head of Oracle’s Global Business Intelligence and Exalytics Strategy Pillar

“Business executives and IT executives need to spend more time thinking about how to make online interactions consistent with real-life interactions they have with their customers.”


Our Brand Could Be Your Life

Youtility author Jay Baer

“Executives aren't just competing for attention against other companies that sell the same stuff. They are competing for attention against everything. Every cute cat video is competition”


Leveraging Digital Body Language to Customize Consumer Interactions

Susan Poser, senior director of Oracle Insight & Customer Strategy and a global lead in the Customer Experience Practice at Oracle

“Marketers can harness digital information to enable more effective engagements, and to provide the right message to the right person at the right time.”

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A Better Experience

Chris Bright, director of interactive applications at Expedia

“If you really want to achieve great customer experience, then you're going to figure out a way to make the customer the most important element of your organization.”




Top 10 Signs Your IT Department Has Tunnel Vision
Alexander Wolfe, director, strategic communications, for Oracle Corp
“...the debate about ITs role is over. Yes, it provides a service. But if it doesn't accelerate revenue, too, it's out of business.”

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Deeper Connections
Loyalty 3.0 author Rajat Paharia
“When company leaders take newly available big data about user activity, combine it with the latest understanding on motivation, and then ignite it all with the spark of gamification, they create a really powerful engine for engaging, motivating, and driving true loyalty.”

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