Masternaut Connects with Oracle Partner Inoapps to Fuel Operational Excellence

by Jim Lein, December 2012

On average, fuel costs have doubled worldwide since 2000. Consumers everywhere bear the brunt of skyrocketing prices—far beyond the angst felt when filling up the tank at the gas station. Every increase in fuel prices raises the operating costs of companies delivering the goods and services we consume. In turn, each of those companies must choose to either shrink margins—an unsustainable course—or pass higher costs on to consumers.

Innovative, growth oriented companies continually seek solutions to mitigate the impact of higher operating costs on their customers. UK-based Masternaut is a leader in providing such solutions. Masternaut designs and delivers telematics solutions—the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics—for managing the mobile workforce. These solutions enable customers and partners to achieve evolutionary step-changes in their performance and service delivery. Formed through the combination of established telematics providers Cybit and Masternaut, the new Masternaut boasts the broadest range of telematics products, services, and R&D capability in Europe with more than 500 employees and 10,000 customers across 32 countries worldwide. Core to the company’s success are the values of accountability, safety, sustainability, innovation, and commercial leadership.

Early generations of GPS systems and route optimization solutions helped managers get their drivers from point A to point B more efficiently. Today, Masternaut’s innovative telematics solutions provide real-time, two-way flow of information and intelligence between a company’s mobile resources—both vehicle and personnel—and front line decision makers. Not only do customers benefit from more efficient consumption of expensive fuel—saving as much as 20% in fleet management costs—but they also perform better toward service level agreement (SLA) standards, allocate resources more optimally, and more easily prove regulatory compliance.

To support the development and sales of these solutions, Masternaut management connected with Inoapps, one of the top-performing Oracle resellers in the UK, to deploy the Oracle E-Business Suite using Oracle Business Accelerators—advanced implementation tools created and maintained by Oracle that feature industry-specific leading business practices.

Masternaut Deploys Oracle E-Business Suite Across Europe in Less Than 6 Months

Masternaut has rapidly grown organically and through acquisitions, expanding operations across Europe. With each acquisition, the information technology team inherited a legacy applications and technology infrastructure that eventually spanned at least five ERP solutions including SAP and Microsoft Navision. Financial consolidations and infrastructure management were nightmarish.

Masternaut brought in a new CIO, David Warburton-Broadhurst, to oversee the Oracle deployment. “Our end goals are to be better and more agile, to drive efficiencies, and to use information technology strategically to grow Masternaut into a global leader.”

To support this new way of doing business—the ‘Masternaut Way’—Inoapps worked with Masternaut to implement Oracle E-Business Suite applications for financials, procurement, and expense management across four sites in Europe. By using Oracle Business Accelerators, this first phase took less than six months from day of contract to go live. Phase 2 will be focused on understanding market demands and service contract management.

Warburton-Broadhurst also chose Oracle On Demand to host and manage the IT platform because he wanted to take the cost and complexity out of running everything in-house. Under managed services agreements, Inoapps and Oracle On Demand are responsible for all IT activities not handled by internal staff. Inoapps’ service desk is always the first point of contact for service requests, including those associated with Oracle On Demand. Internal staff is now freed up to focus on more strategic activities in support of growing the business.

“Everything we were doing from an IT perspective was being radically changed from the way we used to do things,” says. Warburton-Broadhurst. “Consolidating to a centralized and standardized IT platform in a hosted deployment model made more sense than completely replacing the IT infrastructure in five locations.”

Inoapps Leads the Way with Oracle Accelerate

Oracle Accelerate—Oracle’s strategy for delivering applications solutions to midsize companies—transforms the way participating partners approach prospective customers in this market. Core components to this strategy are Oracle Accelerate Solutions—partner-delivered, industry-specific solutions that enable growing companies to more simply deploy Oracle applications. The best Oracle Accelerate Solutions are based on Oracle Business Accelerators, like those used by Inoapps in the Masternaut deployment.

Inoapps’ founder Andy Bird and his leadership team were early adopters and supporters of Oracle Accelerate. As an Oracle Platinum partner with five specializations, Inoapps currently offers four Oracle Accelerate Solutions—three based on Oracle’s E-Business Suite for Oil and Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, and Travel and Transportation industries and one for CRM ON Demand focused on the Media and Publishing industry. However, virtually all of customers in Inoapps industry focus can benefit from using Oracle Business Accelerators whether there is a named solution or not. As was the case with Masternaut, Inoapps includes these rapid implementation tools in over 90% of their proposals.

“Beginning with our first interactions with our prospective customers, the Oracle Accelerate approach and Oracle Business Accelerators help us to very quickly challenge the preconceived notions of some prospects that Oracle is too big, too expensive, and takes too long to implement,” adds Sally Craxton, Marketing and Account Manager at Inoapps.

“Like Masternaut, most of our customers are replacing existing ERP and looking to fundamentally and radically change the way they do business via business process reengineering,” adds Philip Wilson, Vice President for Business Development and Alliances at Inoapps. “Oracle Business Accelerators help us right from the start to demonstrate that Oracle has invested thousands of hours of development into getting industry practices right.”

“We could not have accomplished our goals on schedule without using Oracle Business Accelerators,” agrees Warburton-Broadhurst of Masternaut.

Oracle Accelerate Partners gain access to an exclusive library of thousands of sales and delivery assets including datasheets, business flow diagrams, and marketing templates. As Inoapps works with Oracle to launch additional solutions, they will rely on Oracle Business Accelerators and the resource library to shape each solution, introduce consultants to new products, and to speed implementation.

“Oracle Accelerate helps us more clearly articulate Inoapps identify and culture,” says Wilson. “Our customers see that not only do we understand information technology but that we also bring powerful business acumen to the table. Because we are a midsize consulting firm with a 100% focus on Oracle we are uniquely positioned to deliver a broad range of services encompassing the management of an end-to-end Oracle stack. Our expertise and agility allow customers to experience lower risks on projects with faster Return on Investment at a lower cost with less complexity. ”