Making Online Customers Happy: The customer is always right . . . right?

Consumers who want customer ratings and reviews

Consumers who use online customer service today, compared to 37% in 2009

Consumers who expect access to online customer service on a company’s Website

Twitter users who expect a personal response within two hours of asking a question or posting a complaint

Facebook users who expect a same-day response

Consumers who want the ability to share via social networks

Consumers who expect a direct response to their questions when connecting with brands via social media

Customer interactions have evolved dramatically over the past decade. According to the old saying, unhappy customers will tell 10 people about their bad experience; now, in the era of social media, they can tell thousands. To better understand the new dynamics of consumer interactions, Oracle Retail commissioned a survey to look at how consumers prefer to connect with customer service and sales. The survey, Consumer Views of Live Help Online 2012: A Global Perspective, showed that customers worldwide are much more comfortable with both shopping and asking for assistance online. Companies today must have Websites that cater to customers’ needs and a system for responding to customer feedback via social media. Those that don’t keep an eye on the online customer experience risk losing business, and possibly their reputation.  

Read more about the findings in the full report:

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