Steve Miranda and Murali Subramanian: Oracle E-Business Suite

by Aaron Lazenby and Margaret Terry Lindquist; additional editing by Marta Bright, May 2007
Oracle E-Business Suite is the foundation of Oracle's history in the business applications market. Oracle recently announced the newest version: Oracle E-Business Suite 12. Referred to as the Global Business Release, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 enables businesses to think globally to make better decisions, work globally to be more competitive, and manage globally to lower costs and increase performance. Steve Miranda, senior vice president of Applications Development at Oracle, and Murali Subramanian, vice president, Oracle E-Business Suite Development, have more than 25 years of combined experience in Oracle's development organization. Profit spoke with them together.
PROFIT: Oracle E-Business Suite 12 is called the Global Business Release. What does that mean for Oracle E-Business Suite customers, and why should they be considering upgrading to the new release?


MIRANDA: I believe that there is a growing trend toward shared services and globalization. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 is the best offering on the market for customers that want the benefits of instance and IT consolidation toward the shared-services model, much like what Oracle has done over the past several years.

SUBRAMANIAN: Ultimately it means different things to different kinds of businesses, but the important theme here is that if you're a global company, your customers, partners, and suppliers are becoming more and more demanding. To meet these demands and continue to be competitive, businesses of all sizes need to have technology in place that supports globalization of their business, from suppliers to employees, customers, and partners.

PROFIT: What are you hearing from customers about the new release?

SUBRAMANIAN: I recently attended a user group event in the United Kingdom, and it was very clear to me that there is a lot of excitement about Oracle E-Business Suite 12. This is the first major Oracle E-Business Suite release since the PeopleSoft acquisition, so there are a lot of expectations and participants were asking a lot about what's available in the release.

PROFIT: What does the Applications Unlimited announcement mean for Oracle E-Business Suite customers?

SUBRAMANIAN: Applications Unlimited is about being customer-centric and listening to our customers to help make them successful. It brings a lot more clarity to the customer base. To current Oracle E-Business Suite 11i customers, Applications Unlimited means that they can look at what is available in Oracle E-Business Suite 12 and move ahead, knowing that there will be integration among the versions. It shows them that they have a path forward and assures them that we will not have a forced migration to Oracle Fusion. When Oracle Fusion is available, Applications Unlimited will provide assurance that all of our customers can migrate at a pace that makes business sense for them.

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