Putting the Customer First


Making Customer Management Pay Off
Of course, making CRM pay off requires satisfied clients and customers as well as a good ROI. And in terms of ROI, ICT Group focuses on how Siebel CRM applications have helped the company provide very competitive call handle times for its clients. The amount of time it takes to handle a specific call is an important metric in the contact center industry, as both client satisfaction and the client’s customer satisfaction are directly affected by how quickly an operator can resolve a service call.

“We want to handle calls as efficiently as possible. The goal is to handle call transactions within an established performance metric, which can be a big cost saver for both organizations,” says Goyke.

As ICT has grown, keeping track of internal metrics has become even more important. One key to staying on top of such metrics has been ICT’s move away from the use of individual spreadsheets to manage performance data toward centralized Oracle-based warehouses of production data combined with a single tool that can be used to slice and dice corporate performance data and analysis.

“Having our data centralized and using the right tools like Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition really helps our organizations understand their performance and become more efficient,” says Goyke. “It’s a prime example of how we can use data to help improve our call center performance.”

In addition, ICT has seen ROI benefits from Oracle’s Siebel HelpDesk. “Siebel HelpDesk has also helped us deliver ROI by becoming more efficient, since now we have a centralized location to collect and evaluate incident trends and resolve commonly occurring incidents through the Siebel application,” says Goyke. “So that has certainly enabled our IT organization to deliver greater value to the business because we can identify trends and incidents and resolve them. And we do that all through the data that’s in the Siebel HelpDesk application.”

Looking Toward the Future
With the recent economic turbulence, customers and good customer management become even more critical for companies. As a result, ICT Group sees a bright future, especially when it comes to using technologies to continue to make customer interactions more effective and efficient across all channels. ICT is also exploring how it can leverage all the data generated across those channels in ever more effective ways.

“We’re also looking at how we can provide more analytics, particularly at the agent performance level, so we can bring real-time data to the agent—the metrics that they need to understand how successful they’re being, both for our own internal measurements as well as the metrics that are important to our clients,” says Goyke. “I think Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition will be a part of that, because we’re dealing with a tremendous amount of metrics that need to be collected, rationalized, summarized, and reported.”

Playing Well with Others
When you’re a provider of outsourced customer management, technology, and back-office business process outsourcing services, an important aspect of your service is going to be how well and how easily your solutions integrate with your clients’ solutions.

“I will say it’s very rare that the client doesn’t want the Siebel application integrated with an application on their end or a public Web site or other datasources,” says Shannon Reed-Humes, director of systems and technology, ICT Group.

Luckily for ICT, that hasn’t been a big concern. “Integration is definitely a key to a lot of what our clients look for when we offer them the Siebel product, because they know that it’s a product that has prebuilt integrations to even some of the competitive products that are out there,” says Reed-Humes. “The key that I found with the Siebel application is the APIs and the middleware that it offers right out of the box and the way they are implemented makes them very easy to work with.”

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