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For example, one consumer products company wanted ICT’s help in moving from a decentralized sales lead generation model to a centralized model. In doing so, the company wanted to keep its current Microsoft infrastructure in place, so that some individual salespeople could continue to use Microsoft Outlook calendars to manage their appointments in a decentralized manner.

“Our approach was to take our Siebel call center application and utilize the Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server product, so that our call center representatives were looking at the exact same calendar that the individual salesperson would be looking at on their individual Microsoft Outlook calendar,” says Reed-Humes. “They have seen an increase in sales leads that have led to actual sales versus when they were decentralized and weren’t really sure of the sales performance in the individual branch offices.”

For another consumer products company, ICT used Siebel in a marketing and order entry application while integrating with the client’s data and the same back-end systems that its Web site used. The company came to ICT wanting to be able take orders over the telephone, but it needed the order process that ICT presented to its customers to have the same process flow that the company’s Web site was built around.

In other words, ICT needed to replicate the user experience on the Web through a phone call, while keeping call times within established performance metrics. In replicating that experience, ICT needed to be able to integrate, in real time, into its client’s back-end order entry system, check inventory levels, apply discount amounts, check credit cards for payment authorizations, and calculate tax amounts based on the customer’s state of residence.

“We used the Siebel order entry module as well as some of the customer’s middleware modules to do the real-time integration to the order entry system,” says Reed-Humes. “The client was extremely happy with the implementation.”

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David A. Kelly is a freelance business and technology writer based in Massachusetts.
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