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Strong Partnerships with Oracle
A strong relationship with Oracle is a critical piece of these partners’ growth. DAZ Systems’ Arnold, whose company focuses entirely on implementing Oracle E-Business Suite and other Oracle products, believes the partnership has enabled DAZ to thrive in current conditions. “It’s not always a boom time. You have to be thinking, 'How will I get through it if everything is not great?’” she says. “From 2005 through 2008, we grew more than 30 percent per year. We’re not nervous. Because we’re an Oracle-only partner, we make sure we’re in lockstep with Oracle.”

Lucidity’s offerings are also in line with Oracle. Lucidity’s Hatfield points out that Oracle’s acquisition of best-of-breed applications companies provides a great opportunity to expand Lucidity’s offerings. The company has added products such as Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management and Hyperion enterprise performance management applications to Oracle Accelerate solutions, and in 2009 Lucidity expects to create solutions for industrial distribution and repair and consumer packaged goods.

“In today’s economic times, consulting companies are not doing well, but Lucidity is. We can use our recurring revenue streams to weather economic ups and downs,” says Hatfield. “Oracle Accelerate also allows us to target customers who previously couldn’t afford Oracle solutions. We grew 25 percent in 2008, and we predict 33 percent growth in 2009.”

Jibe has been an Oracle Certified Partner since 2004, and it became an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner in 2008. This has allowed Jibe to extend its practice from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications, database technology, and enterprise performance management applications. As Jibe’s Moncrieff explains, “Expanding our knowledgebase across the list of Oracle product offerings allows us to provide a broader range of services and become a one-stop shop for customers.”

Zanett has also aligned its product strategy with Oracle. It recently acquired PS GoLive, a provider for services for PeopleSoft products, to improve its PeopleSoft offerings. “Oracle continues to acquire and expand its breadth and functionality. This gives it the nimbleness to react to the diversity of the midsize marketplace yet provide the scalability these midsize companies will need to grow. Fast-growing midsize organizations are willing to make this investment,” says Zanett’s Vickers. “We mirror Oracle’s strategy. We’re not a multibillion-dollar consulting firm, but we can be very nimble and reactive in the midsize market.”

Zanett was one of the first 10 U.S.-based consulting companies to take part in Oracle Accelerate. “We’ve had great success with the program,” Vickers adds, “and will continue to invest in Oracle Accelerate solutions.” By the end of 2009, the company expects to have approximately 12 Oracle Accelerate solutions available. Vickers continues, “We feel the applications and concepts of Oracle Accelerate are valuable beyond traditional ERP. For example, we have extended our work with Oracle Accelerate into our PeopleSoft practice.”

“The most important part of being a good partner is to realize that you have got to provide the best for customers and be someone they can count on,” Arnold adds. “You have to be really solid and reliable. We pride ourselves on our people and our ability to support customers.”

And being a good Oracle partner is good for business, because it’s good for customers. “The Oracle Accelerate program represents the continuing evolution of Oracle recognizing that partners are critical to our success in selling applications to midsize organizations,” says Oracle’s Johnson. “There’s more to do, but we are very pleased with how partners have embraced Oracle Accelerate and have helped our customers become successful. Partners are the cornerstone.”

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Alison Weiss is a California-based freelance writer.


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