Oracle CIO Summit

CIOs from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East look at strategies to drive enterprisewide performance improvement.

by Anne Ozzimo, August 2008

CIOs from 25 countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East recently gathered at Oracle’s annual Europe-based CIO Executive Summit to discuss how organizations can succeed in today’s uncertain economic environment using new performance management strategies and technologies. The event, held April 4, 2008, in Venice, Italy, was hosted by Oracle Executive Vice President Sergio Giacoletto and moderated by award-winning CNN business news anchor John Defterios.

The CIO Summit, titled “From Pressure to Performance: Driving Enterprisewide Performance Improvement,” gave attendees an inside look into the new theory of management excellence and discussed how Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management can help organizations of all kinds mitigate risk, maximize profitability, and positively differentiate themselves among customers, suppliers, and competitors.

“Performance management is a topic that everyone can relate to, whether you’re a CIO from the Middle East dealing with rapid growth or a European CIO facing the prospect of slower growth,” says John Kopcke, Oracle senior vice president, enterprise performance management. “The key to success in these challenging times is to differentiate yourself with the right performance management infrastructure—one that allows your organization to be smarter with information, more agile and responsive to change, and more aligned around key initiatives and stakeholder demands.”

The CIO Summit featured keynotes from Robin Bew, editorial director and chief economist of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), and Mark Coughlan, head of business lending and support service for financial services giant ING. Bew shared with attendees the technologies and strategies that are top of mind among global CIOs recently surveyed by the EIU. The survey results showed that CIOs are preparing for an economic downturn by embracing three key strategies: (1) building customer loyalty using customer analytics and collaboration tools, (2) increasing competitiveness with technologies that enable organizations to tap into global talent pools, outsource nonessential processes, and share resources and infrastructure, and (3) fireproofing operations with dashboards that allow employees to monitor leading indicators.

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Anne Ozzimo is senior director of applications product marketing at Oracle.
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