Insuring Against Disaster with Data Replication

by Monica Mehta

Despite its explosive economic growth, India still struggles with issues such as an insufficient, unstable public infrastructure and fairly frequent sectarian and political upheavals. To keep the business running in case of server failures or other disasters, executives at Reliance Commercial Finance deployed Oracle GoldenGate technology, which enables data replication in heterogeneous data environments. Oracle GoldenGate captures changes in transaction and customer data stored on Oracle hardware, and automatically moves this data in real time to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

“Without Oracle GoldenGate in place, we wouldn’t be able to provide an automatic failover mechanism, because data is saved in different formats on Oracle’s servers and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine,” says Shashi Kumar Ravulapaty, senior vice president and CTO at Reliance Commercial Finance. “Because Oracle GoldenGate replicates data in real time, we know that our data is always up to date and our operations won’t be affected in the event of a server failure at our primary site.”

Madhur Chaturvedi, an India-based director of Industry Strategy and Insight at Oracle, says an automatic failover mechanism is critical for growing lending organizations in India.

“In the face of any issues with the primary data center site, the organization’s sales and business operations should be unaffected,” says Chaturvedi. “Speed and agility are important for success in this market, and an automatic failover mechanism enables that.”

Monica Mehta is a frequent contributor to Profit.

    • Industry: Financial services
    • Employees: 1,600
    • Revenue: US$292 million in 2011
    • Oracle products: Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Linux, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle’s SPARC servers
  • Senior Vice President, CTO
  • Length of tenure: Five years
  • Education: Master’s degree in statistics (with computer science), India’s Osmania University; postgraduate course in applied computer science, CMC, Government of India
  • Personal quote/mantra: “Any form of knowledge acquired and neither shared nor applied for a benefit is useless.”
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