Oracle IT: Best-Practices Laboratory

by Monica Mehta, August 2011

All three Oracle IT divisions—Oracle Product Development IT (Oracle PDIT), Oracle Commercial IT (Oracle CIT), and Oracle Global IT—are seeing the benefits of standardizing on one infrastructure and consolidating on Oracle’s Sun solutions. Oracle’s IT and engineering, development, and support teams meet regularly to ensure that the range of Oracle solutions is integrated and running together effectively.

“We share our insights on how our applications, database, and middleware are running on the storage,” says Campbell Webb, vice president of Oracle PDIT. “That information is fed back into the group that actually designs and builds hardware so it can be encapsulated, either in best practices around default settings or in a future enhancement. We have very open communication and dialogue.”

Oracle CIT Vice President of Engineering Ajay Srivastava says that in his division, Oracle On Demand customers see better performance, higher reliability, and a more cost-effective solution with an end-to-end Oracle environment because the components are optimized to work together—unlike a solution where integration is the customer’s job.

“Commercial IT works hand in hand with product development to make sure Sun hardware delivers the performance that’s expected from the customer base,” says Srivastava. “For the customer, that means we are continuously leveraging Oracle product development innovation to enhance Oracle On Demand services and management offerings.”

Oracle CIO Mark Sunday says the deep collaboration between the teams at Oracle directly benefits customers. “We build best practices on how to deploy, upgrade, maintain, and maximize the utilization, effectiveness, and performance of the solution that our customers find useful,” says Sunday. “We’re getting a lot of uplift by being a consumer of our own technology with tight workings with our development team.”

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Monica Mehta is a frequent contributor to Profit.
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