Shining a Light on Desktop Virtualization

Oracle’s Sun Ray 3 Plus Client connects thin-client computing to the data center.

August 2010

A 2009 Gartner survey found only 18 percent of enterprise data center workloads that could be virtualized had been—a number expected to grow past 50 percent by 2012. But virtualization is not just a topic for the data center. Oracle’s Sun Ray 3 Plus Client virtual display appliance is driving the benefits of virtualization onto the desktop, eliminating common data security risks and significantly reducing administrative costs.

The Sun Ray 3 Plus Client is a remote display device (or thin client), connected to a central server. For users, this means that the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client has no installed operating system, uses very little power, and requires no local administration. When users plug in the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client and slide an access card into the device, the client instantly displays a virtualized view of Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Oracle Solaris.

By moving the processing power off the desktop and into the data center, enterprises see significant benefits regarding privacy concerns for users and customers. “If you lose the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client device, there’s nothing on it, so there’s nothing to copy,” says Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president of Linux and virtualization engineering at Oracle.

When users complete a computing session, it disappears from the screen but remains active on the server. “The same user can plug his or her card into another Sun Ray 3 Plus Client and continue the same session,” says Coekaerts, who believes this “hot-tasking” can help users moving from office to home or making a presentation in a Sun Ray-enabled room.

U.S.-based voice and data telecommunications provider Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS), began implementing Sun Ray devices in early 2008. Today, CBTS’s IT organization has more than 250 Sun Ray Clients in use, and is seeing significant results. “A real benefit we get from Sun Ray is the lack of day-to-day administration and management compared to a typical PC-type deployment,” says Jeff Harvey, virtual desktop infrastructure practice manager at CBTS. “We also see a reduction in energy consumed.”

“We’re happy that we’ve seen for ourselves that Oracle has a commitment to continue investing in the Sun Ray technology,” says Harvey.

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