Ten reasons why Oracle On Demand is right for Emerging Companies


  • Strictly Business: Streamline your business processes
    Even 100-person companies need to make sure their business processes are as lean as possible to compete in today’s competitive market. “We have a little tiny IT staff,” says Angie Springer, Director of Information Systems, OGIO International, a 100-person, $50 million company based in Utah that designs and distributes cutting edge gear bags—from golf bags to bags and duffels for snowboarding. “We’re trying to drive time out of our processes and become more efficient through our IT solutions.”

    To help them do that, OGIO is using the full capabilities of the Oracle E-Business Suite, through Oracle On Demand. “Our whole business runs on Oracle,” says Springer. “We even do EDI [electronic data exchange] with our trading partners through our Oracle solutions.”
  • Do What You Do Best: Focus on core competencies
    Since small companies have a lower margin for error, it’s even more critical for management to keep an eye on the ball and focus on core competencies. “Our key objective was growing our business, not buying servers and building a large IT support organization,” says Steve Nigzus, Chief Information Officer of Mercury Computer Systems in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Mercury is a $250 million provider of high performance computer systems. “We became an Oracle On Demand customer about seven years ago. We run the entire E-Business Suite in their data centers. It’s been an extremely successful relationship.”

    Because of that successful relationship, Nigzus’s principle and senior business application analysts are really able to partner with their business units, understanding what they need and how IT and the Oracle solutions can enhance the business. “We’re not fire fighting IT problems any more,” says Nigzus. “When there are problems, Oracle on Demand is there with us and helping us to sort it out.”
  • Built-in Transparency – Assure compliance.
    While public companies tend to be larger companies, even small companies have been affected by the need for increased compliance. From Sabanes-Oxley to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, knowing your applications and IT systems meet compliance requirements can be important to corporate management, partners and customers—as well as future growth plans. “From a security perspective, when you’re a small company as we are, under 1,000 employees, Oracle On Demand helps meet the mandate to be in a Sarbanes Oxley-compliant environment,” says Nigzus.

    As a private company, OGIO doesn’t have to worry too much about compliance issues, but knowing that Oracle On Demand is already addressing regulatory compliance issues, as well as critical compliance-related needs such as backup and recovery is a huge benefit for them. “I feel good showing our auditors how our systems are run,” says OGIO’s Springer.


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