Ten reasons why Oracle On Demand is right for Emerging Companies


  • Go Global  - Manage Operations, Worldwide
    Most small companies don’t have hundreds (or even dozens) of offices around the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing business in other countries or that they couldn’t use the ability to deploy applications internationally. By default, Oracle On Demand makes that easy—take the example of Mercury Computer. “We’re a small company, but we do have offices in France, Germany, the UK and a small presence in Japan,” says Nigzus. “With Oracle On Demand, it’s pretty easy for people to access our applications from those locations. It makes it easier for us to do business.”
  • Get Back on Budget – Reduce Total Cost of IT Ownership
    Investing in hardware and software (both startup and maintenance costs), finding and managing skilled technical staff on an on-going basis, and budgeting for ancillary (but critical) functions such as disaster recovery and backup all add up to a large potential total cost of ownership for business-critical applications—especially for small companies. On the other hand, obtaining business applications through an on demand managed services model can eliminate many of those immediate investment and resource costs, lowering the total cost of ownership and making it feasible for even the smallest companies to obtain world class software solutions managed by experts.

    “Using Oracle On Demand has reduced our operating costs and given us a positive return on our investment,” says Springer. “For example, we’re much more efficient in our warehouse operations now that we’re using Oracle E-Business Suite. We also gained an immediate ROI upon switching to Oracle On Demand since Oracle did not charge us a migration fee and our monthly rates dropped by over $3,000.”

    High Performance – Optimize your IT systems
    Any business likes to know that its applications are going to perform when the business needs them to. No IT manager wants to watch the help desk get flooded with calls because poorly performing applications. Luckily, the Oracle On Demand team works with each customer to ensure their business-critical applications are performing correctly and that they’re able to even handle dynamic, ad-hoc peak performance requirements.

    “For OGIO, the performance and response times of our Oracle On Demand applications have been good,” says Springer. “What’s nice is we’ve also seen that performance increase over the years, without any additional investment from us. Oracle just takes care of that, in the background.”

    Always On - Increase availability and security
    Small companies may have fewer employees to worry about, but they still need to ensure the security of their data and the availability of application systems to employees, partners and customers. Oracle On Demand helps organizations meet these challenges by providing systems that are available 24/7 and kept up to date with the latest patches and enhancements. “It’s a very, very clean environment, so that I know the disk drives are being maintained and checked. I know that the latest patches for the operating system are being done, and I know that everything is running in a redundant environment,” says Nigzus. 

    Springer agrees. “What I really like is Oracle On Demand’s disaster recovery plan. It’s great because they have two backups of our data and I don’t have to worry about it—they take care of it all,” she says.


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