Ten reasons why Oracle On Demand is right for Emerging Companies


  • Expertise On Demand – Augment Your IT Staff
    Unlike large companies that have deep pockets to fund a wide range of technical staff or hire a raft of consultants, small companies frequently have to make do with limited resources. However, by outsourcing) your applications through a service like Oracle On Demand organizations can immediately obtain some of the best expertise available—without having to hire (or worry about) a attracting and retaining technical staff.

    “With Oracle On Demand I don’t have to worry about staffing,” says Nigzus. “I don’t have to worry about whether my DBA is going to go on vacation for four weeks or if someone is doing backups. Oracle On Demand takes care of all of that for me. Our applications are 24/7 applications—they need to be available all the time. From a staffing perspective, Oracle On Demand takes all the guess work out of 7x24 staffing.”
  • Invest in Your Core Business – Avoid IT expenses
    Another important consideration for some small companies is that buying and managing hardware costs money—money that you don’t have to invest when using managed applications. “One of the benefits that Mercury gets from using Oracle On Demand is that we don’t have to invest in hardware or worry about keeping it up to date,” says Nigzus. 
  • Ready to Grow – Count on flexible scalability
    Just because your company is small doesn’t mean you can’t dream big. But for small companies, growth can come in leaps and bounds. So when growth happens, they need to be able to handle it seamlessly. That’s another reason why Oracle On Demand is a particularly good fit for rapidly growing companies like Mercury Computer. “We’ve found that using Oracle On Demand certainly allows for growth,” says Nigzus. “Over the past four years we’ve acquired several companies and there’s been absolutely no “hiccup” at all. We’re usually able to fold them into our Oracle On Demand system in 45-90 days.”


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