SPARC Servers with Oracle Solaris: The Right Combination for E-Business

by David Baum, November 2011

Prior to Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, the two companies worked together for many years to optimize the scalability, reliability, security, and performance of Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Since Oracle acquired Sun, this integration has begun to bear fruit in new ways. Oracle now controls the operating system, processor development, virtualization software, and applications—in addition to a complete server and storage infrastructure. Each IT component is developed to maximize the potential of all the others.

Companies such as Cummins Inc. take full advantage of this technical synergy by standardizing on Oracle Solaris and Oracle’s SPARC servers for their e-business deployments. For example, the Oracle Solaris operating system can recognize critical threads in Oracle E-Business Suite applications and assign them to a dedicated processor core to maximize performance for intensive workloads. Cummins has thousands of Oracle servers, anchored by SPARC Enterprise M5000 and Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 servers.

Oracle E-Business Suite software takes full advantage of the unique features of these high-performance computing platforms, including high levels of threading and flash cache technology. This extends the reach and capabilities of Cummins’ integrated business applications, delivering up to twice the batch-processing performance and handling four times more online users. By relying on processors with advanced chip multithreading technology, Cummins can simultaneously execute multiple complex tasks on a single chip—a huge boost in performance.

Other companies utilize the virtualization capabilities in Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Containers. Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management 8, and both single-instance Oracle databases and Oracle Real Application Clusters can all run in Oracle Solaris Containers clusters. An Oracle Solaris Containers cluster is a virtual cluster of Oracle Solaris Containers that allows applications to run fully isolated across the clustered machines.

These are significant enhancements for multinational companies such as Cummins, with their global user bases and pervasive set of online processes for planning, procurement, manufacturing, order entry, and inventory. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 on SPARC servers provides an unrivaled platform for its critical e-business deployments.

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David Baum is a freelance business writer based in Santa Barbara, California.

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