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by Logan Kugler, November 2011

To complement the rollout of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition dashboards, the IT staff at Life Care Services (LCS) is taking the opportunity to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. The latest version of Oracle’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications integrates analytics from Oracle Business Intelligence solutions.

“All of the information that’s being input into Oracle E-Business Suite in some form or fashion is ending up in various areas of the dashboards,” says Marc Gaber, business relationship manager of finance and HR systems at LCS.

Gaber says there were other benefits that drove the decision. Chief among these were the improved user interface and better integration between the modules that the upgrade provides. In addition, he says, “We really took the Release 12.1 upgrade as an opportunity to bundle with it functions that we weren’t currently using. They may not have been new to Release 12.1, but they were certainly new to us.” These include expense management and self-service, says Gaber.

To aid with the upgrade, LCS decided to seek outside support and is working with EiS Technologies, an Oracle partner, to aid with project management and to provide as-needed staff augmentation.

Working with EiS, says Gaber, has really helped to move the project forward; go-live is scheduled for the fall of 2011. Another key impetus behind implementation, though, has been LCS leaders who have been actively involved.

Gaber says the upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1, its integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and the successful engagement of management are driving fundamental changes in the way the business operates. Since the upgrade work is being driven by a 25-member team representing all areas of LCS, business leaders can influence everything from documentation to testing to communication.

“IT is really playing more of a support role in helping the business with this implementation,”says Gaber.

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