Modernizing the Enterprise Systems with Oracle

by David Baum, February 2010

IT modernization is the process of supplementing or replacing a company’s restrictive legacy applications and technology using newer, open standards-based applications and technologies—while retaining existing business content. IT modernization is based on a fundamental requirement of doing business in the twenty-first century: remaining efficient and competitive.

By enabling strategic business transformation, IT modernization allows organizations to maximize the content of their existing application assets and move toward better application and technology environments.

Organizations may need to take a combination of the following steps to achieve a complete modernization solution:

  • Replace legacy applications with packaged applications.
  • Service-enable legacy technology environments.
  • Rearchitect legacy applications.
  • Automate migration of legacy applications.
  • Offload critical business transactions from mainframe hardware infrastructure.
  • Rehost existing systems by moving to another platform, without changing the application.

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David Baum ( is a freelance business writer residing in Santa Barbara, California.
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