Oracle Health Sciences Institute Debuts

February 2011

Combining the proven research power of Sun Labs and the domain expertise of Oracle Health Sciences, the new Oracle Health Sciences Institute (OHSI) will search for novel solutions to pressing healthcare and life sciences challenges. Working with academic collaborators worldwide, OHSI staff will conduct research to drive further innovation for Oracle products—as well as share practical knowledge with university and industry partners.

“We’re combining PhDs and MDs from across Oracle and Sun Labs as well as external collaborators to start thinking about problems and solutions that may be 5 or 10 years away,” says Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences.

OHSI will focus on information technology research areas that could fundamentally improve the way healthcare is delivered. For example, researchers will be investigating the role predictive analytics and artificial intelligence can play in diagnosis and treatment. OHSI scientists will also seek to improve the way genomic, genetic, and electronic medical record data can be used to advance medical care and clinical research. And Oracle’s experience with data-mining and pattern recognition technologies could help advance the analysis of clinical, medical, and observational trial data.

OHSI will build upon collaborations cultivated by Sun Labs by providing support for external research. Partnering with other leading health science research organizations, academic medical centers, and universities worldwide, OHSI researchers intend to publish papers and present their findings in an effort to promote collaboration among those working on pressing health sciences issues.

“Anticipating the technology needs of healthcare and life sciences requires thinking ahead and working with peers in other organizations around the world,” says de Crescenzo. “We intend to give our researchers the resources and time to make new discoveries, disseminate their findings, and incorporate innovations into Oracle products to benefit our customers.”

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