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Five Ideas: Blockchain

September 2017

Blockchain will disrupt multiple industries, fundamentally transform how business is done, and make business interactions more secure, transparent, and efficient. But in order for blockchain to be widely adopted it must address enterprise application requirements.


At Oracle OpenWorld—taking place in San Francisco, California, in October—learn how the enterprise-grade Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service will help businesses and other organizations quickly get started with Blockchain and create or extend their applications.

Here, learn more about what blockchain is and how it is already disrupting the way we work.

“Blockchain technology enables fast, cheap, and frictionless processes within organizations, and between organizations and their partners.” Janina Lowisz, chief marketing officer at Bitcoin remittance platform Cashaa

“The difference with blockchain is that all parties use the same ledger, which is visible to all participants. Ledgers can never be out of sync when there is only one of them.” —Steve Cox, group vice president for Oracle ERP and EPM product marketing

“The online, distributed ledger technology behind the alternative currency Bitcoin holds promise across the capital markets industry.” —Corinne Grillet, chief customer officer at Calypso

“The financial services industry is a pioneer in exploring the uses of blockchain technology for cryptocurrency transactions…Clearly, blockchain has the ability to increase secure data exchange in other industries as well.” —Subramanian Iyer, Oracle Insight and Customer Strategy

“I'm here to argue that we’ll see a lot less attention paid to new shiny things in the future than we’ve seen in the past. Why? These new capabilities will simply become integrated features of the IT services we will already be consuming in the cloud.” —Chuck Hollis, senior vice president for converged infrastructure at Oracle

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