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Five Ideas: Cloud Computing

January 2015

To help financial services companies adopt cloud applications while adhering to security, privacy, and compliance needs, Oracle introduced Oracle Financial Services Cloud in January. Oracle Financial Services Cloud is a modern community cloud dedicated to the financial services industry, including banks, insurance and investment companies, and securities institutions, as well as other regulated industry enterprises.


Here, find out more about Oracle’s new solution. Plus, hear Oracle CEO Mark Hurd outline what executives need to know about the cloud in 2015.

“Designed to address the unique security concerns of the financial services industry, Oracle Financial Services Cloud is a dedicated community cloud with world-class security to empower financial services companies to adopt cloud applications.” —Thomas Kurian, president, Oracle product development

“CEOs are embracing the cloud as a business-technology strategy that can drive new revenue, enhance customer loyalty, find and optimize world-class talent, transform their organizations to meet new requirements, and turn operational data from back-office clutter into customer-driven insights.” —Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO

“Be on the lookout for SaaS application providers who want you to use their legacy cloud platform so they don’t need to improve the functionality of their SaaS apps. They are essentially providing you with an old horse and asking you to buy it a new saddle.” —Lisa M. Schwartz, senior product marketing director for cloud applications at Oracle

“Transformation isn’t going to happen—it has fundamentally already happened, and every company is subject to these forces of change. The risk of moving too slowly is that your company becomes irrelevant.”—Shawn Price, Oracle senior vice president, cloud strategy

“It’s not too late, but you have to recognize you’re behind, and you really ought to be deciding and putting a game plan together.”—Jeff Henley, Oracle vice chairman

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