Five Ideas: Customer Experience

Oracle sponsors two upcoming CX events

July 2013

In August, Oracle will be a Platinum Sponsor over both the CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience Events, which are taking place at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Register now for these events to hear from experts, including Oracle's own thought leaders, about providing exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels by aligning internal strategies with customers' needs. Right now, get a head start by reading five ideas about connecting with customers, choosing the right tools, and how to avoid a crisis.

“The best crisis scenario is one that never occurs, and that's where listening is vital. Not just the standard customer-listening tools such as surveys, feedback forms, and focus groups. Those are important, of course, but they need to be augmented by a range of technologies that tap into the social media world, from simple Google Alerts to high-end packages such as Nielsen BuzzMetrics.” —Greg Gianforte, Founder, RightNow Technologies, Inc.

“By monitoring customer feedback about your brand on the internet and creating real-time automated triggers for business process action, you can help your customers and best protect the corporate brand.” —Christopher J. Sowa, vice president of Oracle Insight and co-head of Oracle’s Global Business Intelligence and Exalytics Strategy Pillar

“The first thing that companies need to do is really integrate their idea of the customer across channels. If the customer is tweeting, calling, emailing, texting, or using some other method of communication, all those interactions should be aggregated, so that that you understand what your customer is trying to do and address that person on his or her terms.” —Chris Bright, director of interactive applications at Expedia

“There is differences in channel preference by customer demographic; younger generation are more comfortable using peer-to-peer communication, social networking and instant service channels such as chat, so your company need to make those technologies options available.” —Michael Abramow, director of Industry Strategy & Insight at Oracle

“You might think that the customer is just dying to get an app with your weekly specials on his smartphone. After all, everybody else has one, right? But unless you ask, you will never determine that users actually prefer the 400-plus square-inch display that they get from a two-page spread on paper over the six square-inch display on their smartphone.” —Sten Vesterli, developer, consultant and trainer specializing in Oracle tools and servers, and an Oracle ACE Director


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