Five Ideas: Energy

Oracle plugs into CERAWeek 2012

March 2012

In March, Oracle was a strategic sponsor for CERAWeek, which was held in Houston Texas from March 5 to 9. Now in its 31st year, CERAWeek has become one of the energy industry's preeminent events for thought leaders and government officials to share new ideas, insight and discussions on the major strategic issues facing the global energy industry. This year's conference theme was “Energy and the Economy: Quest for Growth,” and speakers included Oracle's Sonny Singh, senior vice president of the Industries Business Unit, and Hossam Farid, vice president, Oil & Gas industries. They participated in discussions about big data's impact on energy consumption and driving innovation, respectively. In honor of this important conference, we've put together five expert ideas about the future of energy, including how to deal with the data deluge and how to lower your company's carbon footprint.

“Around the world, the oil and gas sector is expanding in more distant and challenging environments than at any time in its history. As we enter the second year of the second decade of the 21st century, the industry is addressing these challenges by embarking on plans to leverage enterprise data and real-time analytics for data management, energy trading and safety and regulatory compliance in order to reduce time to first oil or gas, optimize production output, lower operating costs and ensure safety performance.” —Charles Karren, senior director of oil and gas industry strategy at Oracle

“According to a recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and commissioned by GL Noble Denton, 'Big Spenders: the outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2012,' there has been significant improvement in a number of key areas around investment intentions over the next 12 months...With this in mind it is important that organizations look to manage their project portfolios throughout the Plan, Build and Operate phases.” —Sylvie MacKenzie, Oracle director of marketing, performance management plan

“I am honored to accept this appointment. Oracle is committed to the oil & gas industry and I very much look forward to serving on this very important and historic council.” —Oracle Chairman Jeff Henley on his appointment to the National Petroleum Council

“The scale of the energy challenge means action must be taken now to secure our future energy needs in a sustainable fashion.The solution lies in the destabilization of our industry and society. To achieve this we need to develop Smart Grids capable of integrating clean technologies - such as wind and solar energy - and also be able to efficiently align power supply and demand.” —From THE FUTURE OF ENERGY: An independent report for Oracle Utilities (pdf)

“Almost every company is going to find opportunities to cut their energy spend, which will both reduce emissions and bring down costs...One of the big areas of opportunity for companies that are in any way information technology intensive is to really pursue a green IT agenda that, again, cuts costs and improves results at the same time. A lot of companies have realized you can improve the efficiency of operations, cut the electric bill, and reduce emissions if you embrace some of these new opportunities like cloud computing and virtualization as a strategy.” —Dan Esty, author, The Green to Gold Business Playbook


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