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Five Ideas: Human Capital Management

February 2015

Right now, you can register for Oracle HCM World, Oracle’s signature human resources event, taking place in Washington, DC March 25–27, 2015. At HCM World, human resources, talent management, and business leaders come together to hear from industry influencers, share best practices, and learn how forward-thinking organizations are employing modern HR to transform their organizations.


Here, find out more about the upcoming event. Plus, hear from thought leaders, including Oracle’s own talent management experts, about how today’s smart managers are leveraging new solutions, including new technology, to engage their employees and create healthier, happier organizations.

“While training and recruiting have successfully leveraged gaming techniques, all areas of the business could benefit from incorporating gamification into their processes to increase collaboration, improve productivity, and drive awareness using employees as players in a game.” Susan Poser, senior director on the Insight & Customer Strategy team at Oracle.

“Deepening skills and responsibilities in a narrow, rather than broad, area is the way to propel one’s way into increasingly greater job satisfaction and income opportunities and potential.” —Karen Armon, executive-level career coach and author of the book, Market Your Potential, Not Your Past

“This may seem counterintuitive to conventional wisdom that people are more comfortable with their peers. But, in fact, a kinship develops within a diverse workforce, a feeling of family. It’s inviting. It’s energizing. It fosters an atmosphere of social responsibility and higher purpose. And it contributes to job satisfaction and company loyalty.”—Reggie Bradford, senior vice president, product development, and Horace Williams, director, user experience design, Oracle.

“The major job of people in charge is to promote the mindfulness of everybody that's working for you rather than assume you know the best way get work done and they don't know. It's hard for your team to discover anything new when you think you already know how it's going to be.” —Dr. Ellen Langer, author of Mindfulness

“If you want to drive up satisfaction in your work, feed your team a steady diet of challenge. When we asked about 1,000 people to indicate how challenged they felt in their work, and how satisfied they were, we found a near-perfect correlation. As the degree of challenge goes up, so does our satisfaction.” —Liz Wiseman, author of Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work

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