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Five Ideas: Human Capital Management

December 2014

At Oracle HCM World, human resources, talent management, and business leaders come together to hear from industry influencers, share best practices, and learn how forward-thinking executives employ modern human resources (HR) to transform their organizations.


This signature HR event will be held in Washington D.C. March 25-27, 2015. From now until December 31, you can register at the early bird rate. Here, learn more about conference, plus hear from experts about today’s talent management trends, including how to use technology to recruit and motivate employees.

“Recruiting the best talent is getting more and more challenging so the most successful companies are recruiting all the time. Manually searching LinkedIn profiles is certainly better than the old way of doing things but it’s definitely not modern best practice. Referrals are a far more powerful way and that’s where the automation capabilities of social sourcing solutions really come into their own.” Richard Atkins, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions

“Some of the really interesting things are around how employees are incentivizing and rewarding each other. At a company called Medium, employees, including managers, use a platform called High Five, on which they can virtually high five another employee and give public recognition in real time. Those high fives are then also used as a part of things like employee bonuses and equity programs.” — Jacob Morgan, principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group and author of The Future of Work

“Most CIOs and other top executives tend to think of social networks only as a way to provide customer service, market their products, or raise their company’s profile. They may be missing the opportunity to use internal social networks to better connect employees and help them communicate with each other.”—Patrick Harper, CIO at OpenText, an enterprise information management company 

“With Oracle HCM, we'll have an evaluation tool where we can assess an employee’s potential alongside how he or she is operating day-to-day. If someone is a potential high performer, but is not performing well now, maybe that’s a signal that he or she is not in the right role or on the right team, or there's something else going on.” —Ron Storn, vice president of People at Lyft

“If you want to drive up satisfaction in your work, feed your team a steady diet of challenge. When we asked about 1,000 people to indicate how challenged they felt in their work, and how satisfied they were, we found a near-perfect correlation. As the degree of challenge goes up, so does our satisfaction.” —Liz Wiseman, author of Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work

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