Five Ideas: Human Capital Management

November 2013

Register to attend Oracle Modern HR: Winning the War on Talent


What does it take to find and attract talent, fill critical positions, and onboard new employees quickly and seamlessly?

On November 19, Oracle will host Oracle Modern HR: Winning the War on Talent at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. There, executives from companies including Marvell Semiconductor and Hitachi Data Systems will describe how they are gaining competitive advantages, and attendees will have a change to test drive new Oracle solutions.

Here, hear from experts about how to take advantage of new technologies, including Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) and cloud computing solutions. Plus, find out a how much you should be using social media to snoop on job candidates.

“Take the time needed to completely understand how to take advantage of the capabilities of every development tool within the application because you will definitely need these tools to deploy the software effectively.” —Robert Moser, practice director for Oracle Fusion HCM Applications at eVerge Group

“Human capital management cloud offerings can radically lower costs and increase functionality. Based on Oracle's customer experiences, as much as 30 to 60 percent of human resources IT costs can be shed by leveraging cloud solutions.” —Christopher J. Sowa, vice president of Oracle Customer Strategy and Insight

“Managers who use technology to free HR professionals from administrative tasks help them refocus their role in a more strategic business capacity.” —Javier Perez, director of Oracle Industry Strategy and Insight

“If you are researching candidates for a top marketing role, you probably want to understand the various tools they use to speak with customers today, and in this case, tapping into multiple social media sites makes sense. On the other hand, you may find the Facebook page of a chemical engineer not at all relevant to the role.” —Laura Schaulat, director in Oracle's Insight and Customer Strategy team

“I want to know that you've been able to execute something; hopefully well, but we can learn a lot even from failures too...As employers, what do we really want? Does it really matter if this person has an Ivy League education or that he or she can get stuff done?” —Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, author of Without Their Permission

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