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Five Ideas: Human Capital Management

  April 2015

In March, Oracle hosted Oracle HCM World in Washington DC. Human resources, talent management, and business leaders heard from industry influencers, shared best practices, and learned how forward-thinking organizations are employing modern HR to transform their organizations.


Here, learn more from human capital management experts, including Oracle’s own HCM leaders, about how today’s smart managers are leveraging new solutions, including emerging technology, to recruit the best talent—and keep workers happy and engaged.

“I think the challenges HR faces are mostly the same as they always have been: how to recruit the best talent, how to onboard recruits when we are growing quickly, and how to retain and develop employees. But now technology supports new ways of doing things, so you have to decide how to use IT to solve these age-old HR challenges within your business.” Joyce Westerdahl, Oracle’s chief human resources officer

“The right thing to ask is, ‘What are you going to do with this data?’ This speaks to how modern HR adds value. For example, how could a manager use predictions for an early warning system?” —Gretchen Alarcon, Oracle’s group vice president of product strategy

“Organizations that succeed at talent analytics view data through the lens of a scientist. Scientists test hypotheses, and that’s exactly what HR should be doing. HR leaders need to gather anecdotes and opinions from executives and managers, then collect and analyze the data to test the validity of those opinions.” —Jeff Haynes, Oracle’s vice president for HCM transformation

“By better segmenting the population and understanding what drives each group’s behaviors, CHROs will learn how frequently to communicate and what style of communication works best for each employee category.” —Bertrand Dussert, Oracle’s vice president of human capital management transformation

“When you empower people to come up with solutions that work for them as leaders in the different parts of their lives—for example, starting their workday at noon once a week—people respond very favorably... Companies that get ahead of this are going to be more competitive in the labor market.” —Leading the Life You Want author Stewart Friedman

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