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Five Ideas: Human Capital Management

  August 2015

According to the 2015 Oracle-Interbrand survey A New Perspective on Millennials, the US population born between 1980 and 1996 represents 25 percent of the country’s total population.


While millennials wield massive demographic influence over how we work, what we build, and how we buy, it’s a mistake to characterize 79 million as a monolith of singular motivations and behaviors. Here, learn more about five millennial tribes identified by the study, plus get expert advice about how to use technology to recruit—and develop—the talent you need.

“Now that millennials make up a growing proportion of the workforce, employers need to ensure that they keep younger workers engaged by allowing them to make the most of their digital skills. Not only is mobile the platform of choice for millennials, for more than a third of them, it is their only form of interaction.” Neil Sholay, head of digital at Oracle EMEA

“Midsize companies better have a modern HR strategy—and modern software tools to execute it—if they’re going to compete for increasingly scarce talent as baby boomers retire.” —Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle’s Content Central organization

“When a recruitment message from HR reads like it was pulled together by Deep Blue, a recipient is hardly likely to believe a real person put real thought into it, and certainly won’t expect the company that sent it to be much fun to work for.” —Joachim Skura, Oracle HCM sales developer for Germany

“HR organizations need to establish structured processes for identifying future leaders by analyzing their performance with respect to current roles, skills with respect to future roles, and overall potential for success. In addition, they need to groom and develop these future leaders through individual training and development programs.” —Madhur Chaturvedi, director on the Oracle Insight team

“Even during tough recessions, we are always competing for top talent. We are always looking for better ways to recruit the right people. What have changed are the tools we have at our disposal for finding and engaging them.” —Joyce Westerdahl, CHRO at Oracle

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