Five Ideas: Innovation

How to create a culture that makes your business successful

April 2013

In April, Oracle Senior Vice President Bob Evans talked with British Telecom's Jean-Marc Frangos in the latest installment of Innovator's Playbook. Here, watch a replay of the webcast, now on demand, to learn how BT Group is leveraging cloud, mobile and social to provide an outstanding customer experience. Plus, find out what Oracle's latest research reveals about creating an innovative culture, and more.

“Innovation is not something a special team does—it is something that must be ingrained in the mindsets and behaviors of everyone, and for which, ideally, there should be no special process.” —Jean-Marc Frangos, managing director of BT Group, a major UK-based communications services company

“Highly innovative companies also actively gather feedback and ideas from everywhere they can...They recognise that collecting many ideas is the first step to identifying the great ones.” —Report: Innovative Companies Capitalize on Failures and Feedback (pdf)

“These days, time to market is critical for innovation projects. You want to be able to add new features and functionality very quickly and go live without waiting too long.” —Amit Zavery, vice president of product management, Oracle Fusion Middleware

“To slow down the pace of innovation, the pace of change, and the challenge of all of these things will be the death of the organization. We have to not only maintain [the pace], but most of the time you have to accelerate, because there are new competitors, and your standard competitors, and things that are your competitors that you don't even know today, that are coming at you from all different angles, some direct and some indirect. ” —Rick King, Chief Information Officer, Thomson Reuters

“The results indicated that tech-based products—as well as tech teams—can play vital roles in overcoming those obstacles. Disruptive technologies, including Big Data and also social—were found to be powerful antidotes to this innovation deficiency malady.” —Oracle Senior Vice President Bob Evans


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