Five Ideas: Modern Marketing

September 2013

Attract customers across multiple channels


To deliver great customer experience, you need a consistent, relevant, and engaging presence in-store and online, and on mobile devices, social networks, and kiosks.  Get a head start learning how to create smart marketing that attracts customers across multiple channels by hearing what experts told Profit magazine in our recent special report on modern marketing.

“You need to give your company permission to make the story bigger. The best most successful Youtilities are from companies that have relationships with customers and perspective customers that transcend transactions. They have relationships that are still related and relevant but aren't necessarily reliant on the product itself.”—Jay Baer, social media and content strategist and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype

“To be effective, you don't have to act like a slippery, plaid sports coat wearing sleazebag. You just have to be attuned to what the other person is thinking, buoyant in the face of rejection, and be able to apply your expertise to curate and make sense of information rather than really accessing it. You need to identify hidden problems for your customers rather than existing problems.”—Daniel Pink, marketing expert and author of To Sell is Human

“New tools for managing social interactions across channels can help create the same kinds of excellent in-person relationships we experience at our local stores.”—Christopher Sowa, vice president of Oracle Insight and co-head of Oracle's Global Business Intelligence and Exalytics Strategy Pillar

“To know your buyers, you need to understand not just the facts about them—names, titles, and industries—but also indicators of interest, engagement, and likes. The best way to understand this is to watch a buyer’s “digital body language”—the story told by their clicks, searches, shares, and views.”—Steven Woods, general vice president of software development at Oracle Eloqua

“Tailoring or personalizing content to consumers' needs before the sale can result in a 13.5 percent increase in new revenue and 10 percent increase in cross-sell (buying more from other categories) or up-sell (buying more expensive models or features) revenue, according to Aberdeen Group.”—Susan Poser, senior director of Oracle Insight & Customer Strategy and a global lead in the Customer Experience Practice at Oracle

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