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Five Ideas: Oracle OpenWorld

Keynotes and other highlights from October's conference

October 2012

There were many exciting announcements at this this year's Oracle OpenWorld, which was held in San Francisco, September 30 to October 4, along with JavaOne, and embedded conferences, like the Oracle Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld and The Executive Edge @ OpenWorld. Here, read about some of these announcements, and get smart insights from expert speakers at Oracle OpenWorld—which drew more than 50,000 attendees from over 110 countries.

If you need to catch up on keynotes and other highlights you might have missed, check out Oracle OpenWorld on demand, and make sure to check out Profit magazine's live interviews from the conference, including talks with Enterprise 2.0 expert Andrew MacAfee, Acorn Paper CEO David Weissberg and Oracle's Abhay Parasnis.

“Cloud is a strategic business at Oracle and is growing aggressively. Customers and partners are extremely supportive of Oracle's Cloud strategy, which is evident from the mission critical workloads they are running on Oracle Cloud today. The breadth of opportunities available with Oracle Cloud already exceeds anything else available in the industry, and with the introduction of these new services, Oracle continues to innovate, shape the market and define the future of cloud-based services.” —Abhay Parasnis, senior vice president of development, Oracle, on the expansion of the Oracle Cloud Services portfolio

“Forward-looking enterprises are moving towards Cloud Computing architectures. Oracle Exadata's unique ability to run any database application on a fully scale-out architecture using a combination of massive memory for extreme performance and low-cost disk for high capacity delivers the ideal solution for Cloud-based database deployments today.” —Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president, Oracle Database Server Technologies, on the Oracle Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine

“You can start with whatever problem you are looking to solve and grow from there.” —Hasan Rizvi, Oracle executive vice president of Product Development, explaining the depth and breadth of Oracle’s middleware technologies

“Oracle Fusion Applications are very real. We have over 400 licensed customers on Oracle Fusion Applications, and about 100 of those customers will be live by the end of October.” —Oracle’s Chris Leone, senior vice president, Applications Development

“...we now have a suite of products that have that intellectual property embedded in them to run Oracle better when deployed in the cloud.” —John Fowler, executive vice president of Systems at Oracle


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