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Five Ideas: Retail

November 2015

Oracle will continue to bring retailers new and more flexible capabilities in the company’s more than 50 software products designed for retail, according to Jeffrey Warren, Oracle’s vice president of solutions management.


Warren outlined what’s ahead for the company’s retail software solutions in an Oracle Retail Roadmap and Vision session at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. “We’ve done some very exciting things in the last year,” he said. “We have several integrations and new products that are coming out as a result of hard work within our R&D organization.” Here, find out more about Oracle’s retail roadmap. Plus, learn about other big takeaways from this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, and how businesses are leveraging new technology, like Oracle Commerce Cloud, to meet customers’ demands.

“It became clear that digital would be a much more cost-effective way of growing the brand and increasing exposure to our message. It’s extremely costly to open up a new store, but online you can devote a fraction of the financial resources and potentially have the exact same financial return.” —Carrie Leader, Director of E-Commerce at Elaine Turner

“The term omnichannel is overused and ill-defined but it captures what happens from a holistic brand perspective. All it means is how a customer can interact with your brand.” —Jill Puleri, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle’s Retail Global Business

“JC Penney went through some challenges that alienated our core customers for a lot of reasons. We needed to get back to what our customers wanted.” —Raj Lakshmaihgari, JC Penney Vice President of Oracle and Corporate Solutions

“Anna can’t tolerate one second of downtime. She wants performance. She wants accurate information. Anna trusts the retailer with her personal information. Any betrayal of that is the end of the story. She has too many other retail choices.” —Inderjeet Singh, Oracle Executive Vice President for Oracle Cloud Platform

“Retailers are awash in data but really need help making that data actionable. Unfortunately, the cost is high, including acquiring the technology, talent, and infrastructure to implement the kinds of retail science and analytics solutions that can provide return on investment for data, space, and inventory.” —Leslie Hand, Vice President, IDC Retail Insights

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