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Five Ideas: Enterprise 2.0

Is it really worth the effort?

July 2010

According to top industry analysts, Enterprise 2.0 and cloud computing are two of the top three CIO initiatives in 2010. For the past several years, organizations have focused on controlling costs and optimizing existing resources. But as the economy turns around, they are, as in past recoveries, starting to invest in innovative solutions that increase productivity. Get expert advice about how to maximize your E 2.0 efforts.

“Given the current conditions, it makes sense that companies are considering Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Even during the downturn, the Web 2.0 revolution actually gained speed, thanks to widespread adoption of tools like Facebook and Twitter.”—Ajay Gandhi, senior director, Enterprise 2.0 product marketing, Oracle

“Enterprise 2.0 is not only about collaboration software. It is also about security, architecture and business applications.” —Oracle VP of EPM Frank Buytendijk

“The investment in social media is reasonably low from a dollars perspective, and reasonably high from a labor-intensity perspective. We understand time and money. What we don't understand well and what doesn't fit neatly into a balance sheet are those actions that build up good will, that build up loyalty, that build up potential long-term customers. If I buy you dinner and we laugh and have a great time, our next meeting will go better. Return on that kind of influence is a good thing to build, even if it doesn't immediately translate into obvious dollars. The trick is in knowing where to put those hours.” —Chris Brogan, author of Social Media 101

“We call this paradigm shift the 'democratization of retail,' as customers create your brand with you—even partner with you to determine assortments.” —Christina Van Houten, senior director, Oracle Retail solution strategy

“You get quicker acceptance if rolling out something novel rather than a replacement technology. A lot of people want to declare war on email or roll out some sort of collaboration suite so that we stop attaching documents to email and sending them around. That can work over time, but a much quicker win is to roll out a technology that let’s us do something that we just flat can’t do right now. Social networking software is a great example, or microblgging software in the style of Twitter. It turns out they are useful activities and people get a lot of value out of them. So, employees tend to adopt those kinds of technologies quickly.” —Andrew McAfee, author, Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges



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