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Five Ideas: Sustainability

May 2015

According to a 2104 global survey from McKinsey, 43 percent of company leaders say their businesses seek to align sustainability with their overall business goals, mission, and values. In 2010, only 21 percent responded the same way.


Oracle’s leaders are vigilant in searching for innovative ways to make company events more green—and each year reward customers who use Oracle products to help with a sustainability initiative while reducing costs.

Is your company making this effort? If so, your organization may be eligible for the 2015 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award, part of the Oracle Excellence Awards. Nominations are now open, with applications due by Friday June 19, 2015.

Here, learn more about the Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards—including hearing from recent winners about how they leveraged Oracle technology to make their companies greener and more sustainable.

“Everything we do, we ask ourselves, ‘How can we do this in a way that’s good for the environment?’ We’ve found that asking ourselves this question is good for the environment and the bottom line.” —Cox Senior Vice President of Finance Lacey Lewis

“Sprint has embraced virtualization, and we are leveraging our Oracle technology to consolidate our footprint in data centers—better utilizing our assets and driving down energy consumption.” —Peter Campbell, Chief Information Officer at Sprint

“Step one is to figure out your map. Map out your whole value chain, and understand its impacts. And companies like Oracle are providing tools to help companies do that.” —Andrew Winston, author of The Big Pivot

“Information technology is playing a significant role not only in terms of transparency but also by providing unprecedented means to drive efficiency and innovation.” —Evelyn Neumayr, Sustainability Product Strategist, Oracle

“At Oracle OpenWorld Shanghai…10,000 pieces of plastic were eliminated by serving lunches in reusable boxes that were donated after the event. Fifty percent of the disposable signs were eliminated compared to the previous event by using digital signage onsite. Sixty percent of waste was diverted from landfill, including 100 percent of food waste, aligning with Oracle’s zero waste initiative.” —Elena Avesani, Principal Product Strategy Manager, Oracle

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