Five Ideas: Usability

How user experience shaped Oracle Fusion Applications' breakthrough design

June 2011

The Oracle Applications User Experience group has one goal: to extend the value of customer's investment in Oracle applications. Here, learn more about how the breakthrough design of Oracle Fusion Applications will benefit customers, plus how the Oracle UX team's work is shaping other Oracle solutions.

“The Fusion Financials UX team was one of two UX product family teams to pilot the workflow analysis method at Oracle. We compared five tasks in our newly designed Oracle Fusion Accounts Payable application with the same five tasks in the Oracle Enterprise Accounts Payable application...This productivity modeling effort indicated that we could expect significant productivity gains in each task with the Oracle Fusion Accounts Payable designs. The estimated productivity gains across all five tasks ranged from 9 percent to 63 percent, with an overall estimated productivity gain of 42 percent” —Oracle Applications User Experience's Andrew Gilmour and Scott Robinson

“One of the innovations we're pursuing came from seeing users perform tasks across application boundaries. With Oracle Fusion Applications, we've taken a business process approach that allows users to navigate across tasks, regardless of which product area they’re in.” —Jeremy Ashley, vice president of the Oracle Applications User Experience Group

“If one looks at the [Oracle Fusion Applications] generation of ERP [enterprise resource planning] and compares it to the previous one that we’re most familiar with, two big differences come across to me. One is we’re talking about process-driven applications where we can configure applications and explain them to business users in the language of business. The other is a convergence of business intelligence and transactions. Rather than there being two separate capabilities, they’re merging into one in Oracle Fusion Applications.” —Rick Beers, a board member at Quest International Users Group

“A key part of the modern user experience is enabling business users to design their own workspaces—and build their own composite applications and mashups. Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g makes it far easier for users to create their own mashups—combinations of elements from different applications. Business users can click any kind of content on a Website—for example, a stock ticker—then reuse it in a new context with just a few intuitive clicks.” —From Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g: Converged Platform Provides Modern User Experience

“We took that opportunity to really focus [PeopleTools] 8.50 on overall usability and incorporate some new capabilities into our framework for building applications. We were really looking to see what our applications needed to do, in terms of user experience, that would help us compete.” —Jeff Robbins, Senior Director of PeopleTools Strategy on PeopleTools 8.50, which contains Web 2.0-style tools and other features such as drag-and-drop, enhanced scrolling, and zoom on tables, or grids.


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