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Special Report: Solving the Data Puzzle

May 2015

Running a data-driven enterprise is key to gaining competitive advantage. But many businesses still struggle with a myriad of point solutions that are siloed, varied in quality, and complex to manage.


Here, learn more about Data as a Service for business, the next step in the evolution of the "as a service" paradigm. Plus, get expert advice about how to launch successful big data projects for your business, including ideas for engaging your employees and making customers happier.

Big Data Projects Move Out of the Lab and Into the Enterprise
“Our customers start with the assumption that there is value in big data, and that they need to make it a part of their business,” says Jeff Pollock, vice president of product management at Oracle.

Five Steps for Big Data Success
A structured process significantly increases the success rate for big data projects.

Using Big Data to Improve Outcomes
“People are more than willing to share data if it’s going to be used respectfully—if it’s used for what it’s collected for, and they’re part of the value proposition,” says Alex Pentland, author of Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—the Lessons from a New Science.

Four Steps to a Successful Big Data Project
“Only by targeting strategic data domains of meaningful value to the business will big data have a big impact,” says Christopher Sowa, vice president, Customer and Insight Strategy at Oracle.

Data Analytics In The Virtual Battlefield
Behind the scenes, every move made by every player leaves a trail of data—data that Wargaming uses to quickly analyze and improve the user experience and win the most important video game battle of all: ongoing customer engagement.

Data Insights Help HR Help Business Leaders At ANZ
ANZ’s digital disruption incorporates everything from offering “intelligent” ATMs and intuitive mobile apps for its customers (goMoney, Grow by ANZ), to encouraging executives to get more involved with social networking.

3 Reasons Why Las Vegas Gets Open Data Right
The City of Las Vegas publishes a large portion of the data it collects on its website for citizens to see and use—just as the leaders of the federal government’s Open Data initiative hoped they would.

Trends in Data Management: Unlock the True Value Proposition of Big Data
“Predictive analytics will usher in a new era of look-ahead decision-making, solving business problems and increasing efficiencies in ways that were never done before,” says Ron Batra, senior director of technology at Equinix and an Oracle ACE Director.

Trends in Cloud Computing: Rise of the Hybrid Cloud
Three trends—big data, Internet of Things, and mobility—will drive an explosion in the use of true hybrid clouds.

Five Ideas: Solving the Data Puzzle
Looking for a better way to manage your digital data in 2015?

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