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Special Report: Solving the Data Puzzle

February 2015

Enterprises are headed for a data explosion: IDG Enterprise predicts data will grow by 76 percent between 2014 and 2015. But data-driven managers are still hungry for insights that can help them gain competitive advantage and generate new business value.

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Right now, you can register for the Oracle Business Analytics Summit 2015, taking place in London in February. This event will deliver three cross-industry tracks covering cloud, big data, and modernization, an interactive exhibition and networking space, a speakers’ lounge, a partner theater, and much more.

Here, learn more about what’s happening at the upcoming summit, plus hear from other experts, including Oracle executives, about how to get more insight from your data in 2015.

Trends in Data Management: Unlock the True Value Proposition of Big Data
“Predictive analytics will usher in a new era of look-ahead decision-making, solving business problems and increasing efficiencies in ways that were never done before,” says Ron Batra, senior director of technology at Equinix and an Oracle ACE Director.

Trends in Cloud Computing: Rise of the Hybrid Cloud
Three trends—big data, Internet of Things, and mobility—will drive an explosion in the use of true hybrid clouds.

Special Report: Engineered Systems
Here, watch a replay of the January 21 webcast to see Larry Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman of the board and chief technology officer, unveil the data center of the future, and learn more about this exciting event. Plus, find out from other Oracle thought leaders why modern business requires a high-performance infrastructure.

How Strong Is Your Big Data Governance?
While 2014 appeared to be the Year of the Data Breach, 2015 could shape up to be the Year of the Personal Data Governance Scandal. Even if you never suffer a third-party data breach, you may find yourself inadvertently misusing data unless you get your data governance policies under control.

Data Breach Notification Legislation Getting Ready For Prime Time
Recent high-profile data breaches, combined with more powerful algorithms enabling retailers to identify customers across a variety of shopping venues, including the internet, mobile devices, and physical locations, have illustrated the potentially negative impact of mobile and analytics technologies.

Data Driven
Here, Profit talks to Paul Sonderegger, big data strategist at Oracle, about why Oracle’s strategy for engineering hardware and software to work together makes it easier to experiment with data—and glean new insights.

Data Cash
Data as a service drives new insight—and revenue—from existing information assets.

Five Ideas: Solving the Data Puzzle
Learn more about an important announcement from Oracle OpenWorld, plus get more insight from Oracle executives and customers about smart strategies to help you get more out of the data your company generates.

Vehicle For Change
Data drives the employee and operational excellence behind Schneider’s business strategy.

Can Data Make You Happier?
“I want people to understand how they can increase their personal well-being through action,” says John C. Havens, author of Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking It Can Change the World. “And I want them to realize that there are a lot of pragmatic steps being taken around the world to have these metrics of well-being get put into policy.”

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