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Special Report: Solving the Data Puzzle

July 2015

At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle’s flagship conference taking place in October in San Francisco, business leaders can learn about big data trends and best practices, and find out about the latest product road maps in big data management, integration, analytics, and applications.


Here, learn more about Big Data Central @ OpenWorld, which will feature case studies from organizations seeking to turn customer interactions into opportunities and improve the quality of digital data to drive business growth. Big Data Central will also feature sessions with Oracle experts in Oracle Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics.

Plus, get a jump start on this year’s conference by reading about how Oracle is making big data easier for enterprises around the globe. And get expert tips for driving successful big data projects at your company.

Comprehensive, Secure Big Data in the Cloud
Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service were among more than 20 new Oracle Cloud Platform offerings announced by Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison during a launch event at the company’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.

Making Big Data Easier for Enterprises
New solutions bring visualization and real-time integration to big data.

Oracle Adds Data Center in Brazil
“In the dominant economy in Latin America, Brazilian businesses are moving their IT budgets from maintenance to innovation,” Oracle CEO Mark Hurd noted during a standing-room-only keynote address at OpenWorld Latin America. “We are seeing huge increases in cloud growth [in Latin America], at 19.7%.”

Five Ideas: Solving the Data Puzzle
Here, learn more about Oracle’s plans for a new data center. Plus, hear from experts about the right way to successfully launch a data project that meets your company’s needs.

Big Data Projects Move Out of the Lab and Into the Enterprise
“Our customers start with the assumption that there is value in big data, and that they need to make it a part of their business,” says Jeff Pollock, vice president of product management at Oracle.

Five Steps for Big Data Success
A structured process significantly increases the success rate for big data projects.

Using Big Data to Improve Outcomes
“People are more than willing to share data if it’s going to be used respectfully—if it’s used for what it’s collected for, and they’re part of the value proposition,” says Alex Pentland, author of Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—the Lessons from a New Science.

Four Steps to a Successful Big Data Project
“Only by targeting strategic data domains of meaningful value to the business will big data have a big impact,” says Christopher Sowa, Vice President of Customer and Insight Strategy at Oracle.

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